Perfect Effect PX-01 Shadow pack, PE-03 Laser, PE-04 Buzzer Reviews

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    Didn't see a thread for this.


    In the same vein as Perfect Effect's The-Sun and The-Night, Perfect Effect has released the Laser and Buzzer. These are Perfect Effect's answer to a modern take to the G1 Laserbeak and Buzzsaw. They're also color matched for Fansproject's Shadow Commander armor. There is also a black version of the PE Backpack... which is named the Shadow Pack.

    PX-01 Shadow Pack


    Overall: The Shadow Pack is just a repaint of the PX-03 Backpack. The construction of the Shadow Pack is better this time around compared to my Backpack. The plastic is solid, and the paint apps are nice. There's just one small problem... I still don't know what to do with it. I don't own a Shadow Commander, so what is it good for? I guess it can just be a fancy briefcase that can be carried around... by Darkmount or Skullgrin. It can be used as a platform for the Jet packs... but even that is pretty lame and unstable. If you have Shadow Commander though... this is just another great accessory to own... and a required one if you want to combine Laser and Buzzer.

    PE-03 Laser & PE-04 Buzzer


    Rocket/Weapon Mode: Unlike The-Sun and The-Night, Laser and Buzzer are both primarily black with only the red and gold differentiating them. It's far more menacing for Shadow Commander to have them be colored this way. I stuck them both onto Transformers United Darkside Optimus Prime and immediately noticed the stress marks they caused on the holes. Be very very cautious. Unfortunately both the blast effects parts are the same color this time around.


    Jet Mode: Both Laser and Buzzer are exactly the same as The-Sun and The-Night, so there really isn't much to talk about here. I just found Laser really difficult to physically transform. The plastic is molded really tightly on itself. Buzzer, however, is perfect. It's probably the best Perfect Effect product I have. I suppose this could be considered as a proper Jet mode if you leave the head inside. Both Laser and Buzzer have inverted cockpit window/eyes. Otherwise, this mode is just the same little black brick.


    Bird Mode: There isn't much to say about these guys that I haven't already said. They do look great as Laserbeak and Buzzsaw.


    Overall: Laser and Buzzer being color coordinated is both a blessing and a curse. They both look fantastic as a duo, but can also look pretty boring at the same time. I love my black repaints as much as the next guy, but The-Sun and The-Night at least had interesting synergy. Though I don't have Shadow Commander myself, these guys go great with United Darkside Optimus Prime. These guys are a little pricy at around 30 bucks a pop, but these are 3rd party prices we're talking about.

    For more pictures go to The Rabbit Haul.

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