Perceptor's Story

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    "Perceptor's Story"

    Before the Great War. Barely.


    The Protoform Casing hummed in anticipation of the new life that was preparing to be created. Internal circuits hummed to each other electronic equivalents of machine speak.

    Spark Configuration ... initiating.
    Matrix Link ... connection established.
    Matrix Link ... Spark Configuration ...
    Protoform ... active.

    From within the Casing, cool blue optics came on-line. At first just the smallest indication of life flickered in the eyes. The small flicker gave way to glowing blue optics, taking in everything around them.

    "I am ... alive." The new Trnasformer began to sit up in his Casing.

    "All around me ... instruments. Yes, they are called instruments. Vials. Chemicals."

    Instantly vast data streams began downloading from the ever present Trion Net.

    "Equations," he whispered in awe as he took even more sights in.

    "I .. understand . I perceive." Illumination took hold of the young Autobot's mind.

    "Perceptor. My name is Perceptor."

    "All of this ... is for me?"

    A calm and reassuring voice floated through the room.


    As Perceptor began to exit from his Protoform Casing, the voice behind him came again, closer and closer until the voice became a shadow.

    "This is your lab."

    The shadow took form in front of the newly on-line Transformer.

    The visiting robot held out a steady hand, helping the young Autobot from his Protoform Casing.

    "My name is Perceptor. Who are you?" The other robot smiled gently.

    "I'm a healer. Name's Ratchet." Ratchet extended his arms wide open.

    "Welcome to Cybertron, Perceptor." Perceptor's optics blazed even brighter.

    "He softly repeated Ratchet's words.


    "And welcome," said Ratchet proudly... "to Iacon City."

    Perceptor smiled. "Cybertron," he though to himself. A new word downloaded from the Trion Net, and something more. A feeling of belonging, of welcoming ..

    "Home." Perceptor said out-loud.

    "I am home."


    to be continued.
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    Awwwww, I bet he was the cutest of the bunch! It is always a pleasure to read anothers take on the various aspects of Cybertronian life not covered by the movies, TV or comics. More please!

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