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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Kraken, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Hi guys, just trying to gather some info here.

    First of all what does everyone use to make pegs? I'm looking at styrene rod, but I'm a bit worried that even using epoxy resin to glue them I'm going to pull the piece apart and the peg will still be left in it's hole.

    Secondly, again, what do you all recommend to use as hinges? I can only think of 2 options at the moment which is to either use existing hinges from other transformer toys (a lot of work and will end up being expensive) or just normal hinges from the local hardware store, which would be easier, but will still need me to carve a recess out from the plastic to keep them flush.

    Any tips or cheats anyone can suggest will be very appreciated.
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    depends on what you are doing with the pegs and how you install them.

    for me mine i usually drill a hole all the way through what they are going into, then heat the rod up a little on one end (it will fatten up due to the heat) then put the unheated end through and use the styrene glue (as it melts the pieces together) and let the larger end keep it from getting pulled through and it also give a more snug fit so its stronger

    for the hinges you can make your own out of styrene and you can find the right size extruded tubing (hollowed out) or i have recently been thinking about raiding the cheap sunglasses section at my local dollar store to use those hinges they are small and very sturdy

    im sure others do it differently but this has seemed to work for me thus far

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