peace at last (or that thing i did when i was really bored one night)

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    word of warning this is my very first "fanfic" there's probabbly been one like this already but im just doing it for the lolz and dont worry this is pretty much a one time thing so let me amuse you if at least for 5 seconds and away we go...

    setting:cybertron, iacon the city shows the damage and toll of a battle that is yet to end, all the glorious hallmarks that once stood are now ruins the city seems desolate but theres conmotion in the place where the square of the city once was.its autobots, no wait decepticons,no wait is both.yes both factions stand there in masses and yet each in their own side and not one of them has their weapons drawn out they are both waiting they look at what seems to be an empty stage,suddenly from the shadows appears megatron

    DECEPTICONS: Megatron! megatron!

    MEGATRON:decepticons my brothers you know why we are here, we are here to finally end the war in this one final battle the one that shall settle who the major faction is and this final battle is the one where we prove that is us and we can finally have a perfect utopia, a world of peace through tyranny!!!

    *with the sounds of all decepticons cheering the autobots cant help but be frustrated,but their frustrations dissapear as soon as optimus prime steps in, the decepticons cheers are drowned by the autobot's as they cant help but feel the pride of having a fearless wise leader a bot of stature and one who can motivate his troops and help them accomplish the impossible.

    they seem ready for their leader to speak,they await to hear what he has to say,what piece of advice he will share and they wait*

    *all optomus says is...*


    *and so both the factions start cheering untill punch/counterpunch steps and says...*

    P/C: OK you heard the big bots lets get this started!

    C/P: ok cons lets give it up for my man soundwave!!!

    *sounwave steps up to the stage*


    P/C: ok ok now all my fellow 'bots make some noise for blaster!!!


    P/C: ok both of you ready?

    S/B: positive/yeah lets do this

    C/P: ok soundwave start us up

    SOUNDWAVE: (in a cold voice he's know for) very well. frenzy,rumble deploy

    *2 small cassetes come out and turn into 2 small robots one blue and one red (i wont tell you which one is which just so you have fun figuring it out)*

    SOUNDWAVE:frenzy,rumble commence operation RAP BATTLE!

    *as soundwave says that both the little blue robot and the red one take out their hammers and start pounding a beat a beat so fresh even JAZZ starts bobbing his head*

    *soundwave deploys what seems to be a microphone and messes around with a dial on his chest*

    *he talks, but his voice sounds different,more humane*

    SOUNDWAVE: ok lets do this. you ready? i am

    *the beat starts playin louder*
    (RAPPING) YAH cries and screams are music to my ears
    and its been that way for twenty-five years
    and im the 'con that every autobot fears
    from roadbuster,the dinos, and gears

    and among all im the best decepticon
    excluding of course lord megatron

    and now they got me me battlin little old blaster
    about time someone teaches you that i am the master
    you copy my altmode and say that your all about sound
    but seems like you forgetting that is my ground
    you know that im the only one around
    thats got the sickest beats and they aint stereo they surround

    and i got frenzly and rumble
    and we ready to rumble
    and were everything but humble
    and when they start playing the wallls start to crumble

    and you know im the best when it comes to surprise
    i was the very first master of disguise
    me and my little buddies are the number one spies
    we hide right in front of your eyes
    so be very careful of what you guys collect
    last thing you might hear is "ravage eject"

    so let me reinstate what i just said
    so you can get it stuck on your head
    im more G than g-1 prime
    and unlike ultra magnus i cant deal with it anytime

    so little autobot just throw in the towel
    go back to you base and cry to prowl

    but not without remembering you got what you deserved
    ya face it autobots you all just got served.

    *at that moment all sounwave does is put the microphone in front of blaster
    the look on his face is that of terror all you can hear is the decepticons cheering soundwave and booing the autobots,saying "SERVED!" numerous
    times the autobots know that this is bad blaster cant think of anything this is bad they have lost*

    *blaster steps off the stage and prime gets up there. megatron is already waiting with a smug smile and soundwave by his side*

    MEGATRON:well prime it seems that you have lost we are the superior faction and cybertron is ours HAHAHAHAHA!

    *optimus just has a shamed look on his face he has to say something but he cant,then suddenly he knows what to do*

    OP:well megatron. . . GIVE MEH YOUR FACE!!!

    *as he says that optimus cuts megatron's face off with his energon axe and then shoots sounwave in the shoulder (the most lethal place you can shoot a trasformer in) he then looks at the shocked decepticons and says. . .*


    *the decepticons then all look at each other and all they can say is...*


    EPILOGUE: and so peace came for cybertron no more violence in cybertron it was all peaceful mostly because everyone feared prime but at least megatron got what he wanted a world of peace through tyranny just not his and it was all like that until hot rod and starscream teamed up to rise against prime and after that they had to run cybertron by themselves but they disagreed a lot so they started fighting again and another war started.and so everyone lived happily ever after in the vicious cycle that is the world of transformers.

    THE END.

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