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    I need to start by quoting the end of a review I wrote for Leadfoot:


    Mirage. Drag Strip. Easy.....

    Power Core Combiner Over-Run with Stunticons

    Or at least it should be. Hasbro went the yellow and purple race car route which should automatically bat the name Drag Strip into play. Packing him with a bunch of Rallybot and Destructicon repaints and calling *them* Stunticons should ensure it. But no. When packaged samples surfaced in the far east, it was revealed that Hasbro's name for this toy was Spastic. Reaction could best be described as split as it turns out the word does not have the offensive connotations in the US as it does in the UK. Hasbro UK's response was "We have no plans to release this toy in the UK". Hasbro US were silent for several days and then responded that the name of the toy was to be changed to Over-Run, one of Hasbro's go to names when they don't know what to call something and that existing stock would have the name Spastic stickered over.

    I now have an Over-Run set in my hands. Those stickers are going to give nobody any trouble at all, a couple of the ones on my box were peeling when I got it and came off really easily leaving no mark at all. I've seen more adhesive price tags! Kids: Don't pay over the odds for "rare" Spastic box variants, it's so simple that even I with my CMT ridden handas could fake it. The instructions inside, for once loose in the box, were also stickered in the appropriate places.

    The following colour swaps apply to Over-Run:

    Yellow replaces Leadfoot's orange.
    Yellow replaces the white used on the front wheels & limbs.
    Grey replaces white on the robot limbs & car spoiler.
    Purple replaces black on the robot limbs.
    Solid purple replaces the clear yellow of the lightpipe.
    Black is still used for the head and the tires.

    To my eye the grey is one colour too many and should probably have been yellow or purple. I can't decide which. There's a small Deception symbol on the tip of the car's nose which is OK,but that then means there's a vast expanse of unmarked yellow plastic at the top of the chest in torso mode which just looks odd. It's broken up on Leadfoot by having the front wheel arches moulded in different coloured plastic and then painted: here they're the same colour and unpainted. The loss of the lightpipe is as usual a capital offence. Drag Strip's face was a pale blue so that might have worked, even if the colour is generally onlly used for Autobot eyes, and would have given Pinpoint's potential repaint a nice colour.

    But as we've said Over-Run doesn't come with repaint Pinpoint or any other Minicon. He's been promoted to become the core of the Stunticon combiner made up of repaints of limbs from previous sets.

    From the Rallybots the co-moulded Race Car Drone & Tuner Drone become the Drift Racer and Street Racer Drones. The following colour swaps apply to these two drones:

    Purple replaces Orange
    Off White replaces Blue
    Black replaces Grey

    Both drones dump their original colour patterns with the Street Racer drone aquiring a slanted silver Decepticon symbol while the Drift Racer drone gets a line of yellow & black quartered circles under each window and along it's bonnet. These symbols are generally associated with crash testing. Unlike the previous mix & match approach with the wave 3 5-pack repaints where we got an arm and a leg from each set, these drones each form an arm.

    From the Destructicons the co-moulded Armored Junker Drone & Armored Truck Drone become the Junker & Rocket Truck drones. These formed the legs of the Destructicon combiner and have the same role here. Colour swaps:

    Orange replaces rusty brown
    Black replaces grey
    Black replaces sandy brown

    Gold paint is applied to several of the black pieces producing a similarly themed pair of legs. This puts them slightly at odds with the vastly different coloured arms and gaudy yellow plastic torso. Grimstone, the Dinopope, showed us how good a coherently coloured combiner could be. The combined toy holds together reasonably well, I've got no limbs trying to pop themselves off unlike on early PCC toys. However the issues with the Torso's shoulders staying attached and the cut joint on the leg moving rather than the hip remain from Leadfoot.

    So so. I expect a bit more from a repaint and sadly this one doesn't go anywhere to correcting the flaws I could see on the original.

    Over-Run is scheduled for an early 2011 release in the USA. In late 2010 Hasbro UK said they didn't intend stocking this toy.

    Postscript: Hasbro UK suppliers are now offering Over-Run for order. It'll be interesting to see if the European boxes that the UK get are stickered or printed.

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