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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jorod74, Apr 22, 2008.

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    okay, i think i ranted some time ago about Myspace being a bad thing because of the vitriol that gets pumped out.
    well, another ugly thing popped up.
    Political Correctness.
    (i know, dancing on a pinhead, but i will be careful, Modders. I promise.)

    PC=trying to please everybody and hide behind something.

    I was watching a Ministry video and reading the comments and someone says,
    "this video is boring. Ministry Sucks. No Offence."

    wtf? You can't have it both ways, and if you try this, you lose cred.
    just say it like this and keep some dignity:
    "I don't like this, myself."
    or have bollocks and speak yer piece.
    "This band fucking sucks. i regret watching this."

    as much as i don't like politics, i admit i love to watch the city council meetings on tv here because there is no PC going on. it is a hoot to hear a 74 year old curse and swear at a councilman for 10 minutes and not hear, "no offense, man."
    nah, the old coot just says, "you bastards need to stop pocketing my Social Security check and fix my damn potholes."

    #322 for why i like it here. we say, "nah, i don't like animated Blitzwing" and don't worry about offending anybody. it is called opinions for a reason.

    rant done.

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