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    Hey guys! I have several vintage toys for trade. I'm looking for clean and sealed He-Man MOTU, She-Ra POP, Transformers G1, G.I. Joe, TMNT toys and also NES games/systems. High resolution pictures from all angles can be found at my flickr account.

    # Transformers:

    Mirage, w/ rub, MISB, c8+

    Prowl, pre-rub, MISB, graded CSG 8.1 but inner bubble has dried and fallen.

    Ironhide, w/ rub, MISB, AFA 75: c70,b80,f90

    Grapple, MISB, AFA 75: c75,b85,f90

    Tracks, MISB, Chinese version

    Huffer, pre-rub, MOSC, c8+

    Seaspray, MOSC, Chinese version

    Seaspray #2, MOSC, Chinese version

    Fireflight, AFA 80: c80,b85,f90

    Groove, MOSC, Chinese version

    Streetwise, MOSC, Chinese version

    First Aid, MOSC, Chinese version

    Dirge, MIB/MOSC, AFA 75: c75,b90,f90

    Bombshell, MISB, AFA 75: c75,b80,f90

    Wildrider, Chinese version

    I also have Insecticon Deluxe Ransack MIB/MOSC, c8+

    # G.I. Joe

    I didn't have time to take pictures of my G.I. Joe collection yet, so I will take pictures on request. Here's a quick list of what I have for trade, everything sealed and in very good condition:

    1983 Zap v1.5, AFA 80 c80,b85,f85, w/ swivel arms
    1985 Quick Kick, AFA 80 80,85,85, peach file
    1987 Cobra Commander v2
    1987 Vehicle Gear Accessory Pack #1
    1988 Lightfoot
    1988 Muskrat, Canadian version
    1988 Astro-Viper
    1989 Dee-Jay
    1989 Scoop
    1989 Snake Eyes v3
    1989 Stalker v2
    1989 H.E.A.T. Viper
    1990 Sub-Zero

    # TMNT

    1988 Splinter

    1989 Genghis Frog

    1990 Ray Fillet, w/ purple shirt & red 'V' variant

    1991 Rappin' Mike, w/ orange & blue disks variant

    1991 Tattoo

    1992 April, The Ravishing Reporter

    1988 Shredder

    # MOTU

    1984 Sy-Klone, AFA 75: c75,b85,f90

    1986 Stonedar, AFA 80 75,85,90

    1987 Clamp Champ, AFA 80 75,85,80

    I will add some more stuff later. Feel free to make offers and to ask any questions. Thanks for watching!

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