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    patobot's G1 trade list (MISB/MOSC)

    Here's a list of my G1 Transformers doubles (lower grades) that I would like to trade if anyone is interested.

    1984 Ironhide MISB w/ rub, AFA 75, c70,b80,f90

    1984 Mirage MISB w/ rub, c8

    1984 Prowl MISB pre-rub, CSG 8.1, inner bubble is loose

    1985 Tracks MISB Chinese reissue, c8

    1985 Seaspray MOSC Chinese reissue, c7.5

    1985 Dirge MIB, AFA 75, c75,b90,f90

    1985 Insecticon Bombshell MISB, AFA 75, c75,b80,f90

    I also have a couple of MOTU (Sy-Klone AFA 75, Stonedar c8.5) and G.I. Joes (Astro-Viper c8, Snake Eyes v3, c8+, Quick Kick AFA 80).

    You can see additional pictures for all items by clicking the link in my signature. All images are highly zoomable. Sides pics, top, back, front. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!
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