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    Been wanting to post this for a while but haven't had the time. It's kinda set it in an alternate G1 universe but I'm not really focusing much on continutiny. Here's a small teaser for now, I'll get a bigger update up tomorrow.

    Earth, May 1, 1996. The skies are gray and dead all around the world. There is no more vegetation. Houses and buildings have fallen apart. The sun is no longer visible, now the sight of Unicron's disembodied head serves its place. A human named Nelson Vanderbilt rides inside the Autobot Hound. They ride down a road filled with cracks and holes. Along the sides of the road are rusty, stasis lock Autobots and dead human bodies.

    How much farther do we have to drive Hound?

    26 miles until we hit the next rest stop.

    Optimus Prime will be there right? And then all of this can be fixed?

    Yeah, Optimus Prime will be there, he'll fix this.

    Nelson feels relief inside to hear this again. But he doesn't know that Hound is lying. Hound knows Optimus Prime is dead and that hope is dimmer.

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