Past and Present.

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    New (and hopfully consistant) fanfic starring Split lip. This story takes place a few eps. into the origional G1 strory. I will continue to update ASAP.

    Let me know if I should double space it.


    Past and Present

    Split lip decelerated as he neared one of Cybertrons two moons. It had been a relativly un-eventful trip from the asteriods of the outer systems. The spacebridge, the newer and faster alternative to space travel, was down. Not that it mattered to him, Split lip enjoyed rocketing back and forth to whatever systems his buisness took him, trying to beat his own self-established records. As he reached the planet, he circled till his position was parallel to Decepticon headquarters, then made for a rapid decent. He strolled down the walkway leading to the center complex. Cybertron was nearly pitch black, "The energy crisis must have worsened in my absence." He wondered aloud.

    As he entered the establishment, he was greeted by a suprised, and apparently very drained, Shockwave. "Split lip? It cannot... can it be?" He shuttered. "Shockwave, my friend! It's as if you never thought you would ever see me again!" Split lip replied, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "It's been far, far too long!" Shockwave stated. "It has, it has... tell me, where is Megatron, or all the other decepticons?" Split lips eyes scanned the room, as if to confirm his statement. "I've... lost contact with the intercept squad." Shockwave answered, his tone grim. "For how long?" asked Split lip. "For four-million years." The words struck Split lip like a blast to the face. Could Megatron still be alive? He toyed with the thought, trying to build a possible scenario that could harbour the chance of his Leaders survival.

    "Wait... did you, hear something?" Shockwave said, his "ears" tracked the gentle tap of metal hitting metal in the distance. The lights flickered, the two turned to face each other. "The generators!" They shouted at the same time. "I'll stay and man the gun platform, you destroy the Autobots!" Shockwave commanded, then sprinted for the elavator. Split lip turned, opened the blast-door, and thundered down the hall way.

    Split lip was a marvel of technologic warfare, his hand collapsed in and his arm opened up to reveal a built in plasma cannon as he readied his weapon. He had long ago discarded the need for hand-held blasters, they were weak, cumbersome and needed frequent recharging. His cannon drew power directly from his personal reactors, the "waste not, want not" system of his own design. In additoin to this he had a virtually in-destructable armour coating, Lightspeed space jets, and a built in energy blade for close-combat. All of this made him very efficient, and equally large! He towered over his fellow soldiers, and was a full head higher the Megatron. His bretheren would often take comfort in knowing such a fearfull warrior walked among their ranks, while intimidating Autobot enemies.

    He spotted the autobots and silently slipped into the shadows, despite being so big, he had a fair amount of stealth as well. He spied the interlopers. These were not soldiers! These were mere workmen! Though all three were armed, their body language betrayed them. They were stealing the generator! Just then a bolt of blue-purple electric light struck one of the robots, who collapsed in a heap. The others barely had time to turn when a strobe of the same blue-purple flash engulfed them all, leaving a smoking crater to remind all of what happened too theives who dare replicate the same heist.

    Shockwave's frantic voice came in load over his COM: "Split lip! Contact with Megatron has been re-established! He demands your presence!"

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