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Discussion in 'The Junk Pit' started by Rodimus Mike, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    I am in need of some parts and weaponry for my figures,I also have parts I could trade for these,just let me know what you need and I'll see if I have it,now here's the stuff I am looking for.Thanks guys.

    G1 Highbrow red canopy and his two guns
    G1 Grimlock's dino head
    G1 Swoop complete dino head assembly,lower jaw,upper jaws,etc.,and need his right chest pieces,and both bot arms.
    G1 Snapdragon wings,fins,and headmaster
    G1 Repugnus his robot legs only
    G1 Doublecross his complete figure
    G1 Grotusque also need his complete figure
    G1 Hardhead weapons and HM
    G1 Computron parts and weapons to form computron
    G1 Powerglide right wing and pin
    G1 Huffer smokestack and right arm
    G1 Cerebros and Spike for Fort Max,also need a ton more stuff but mostly those for now
    G1 Wheeljack spoilers in alt mode,his clear wings in bot,and weapons
    G1 Stunticons and accs write me for details
    G1 Hot Rod chest and head
    G1 Chromedome HM and weapons
    G1 Springer weapons and accessories
    G1 Roadbuster complete right arm and weapons
    G1 Octane need figure only
    G1 Insecticons any complete or broken
    G1 Fastlane Clone only
    Beast Wars B'boom and weapons
    Beast Wars Cybershark or any repaint and weapons
    Beast Wars Megatron and Prime 2pack as Alligator and Bat
    Beast Wars Rattrap any and BM also
    Beast Machines Magmatron and accs.
    Beast Wars/Machines Dinobots all of them
    Beast Machines Night Viper
    Beast Machines Hammerstrike
    Beast Machines Battle Unicorn
    Beast Machines Snarl
    Beast Machines Skydive
    RID Super Prowl repaint only
    RID Super X-Brawn repaint
    RID Sky-Byte
    Armada Cheetor
    Armada Airrazor
    Armada Starscream weapons and accs. only
    Armada Skywarp and accs.
    Armada Thundercracker and weapons
    Armada Minicons any
    Energon Mirage and weapons
    Energon Grimlock and Swoop and accs.
    Energon Divebomb
    Energon Doomlock or repaint
    Energon Slugslinger
    Energon Shockblast/wave
    Energon Starscream or repaints
    Cyb. Brimstone
    Cyb. Scourge or repaint
    Cyb. Jetfire only not the repaint
    Cyb. Leo Breaker or repaint
    Cyb. Sideways or any repaints
    Cyb. Primus omega lock and accs.
    Cyb. TRU Starscream only not the supreme version
    Cyb. Thundercracker or Skywarp repaint
    Cyb. Safeguard minicon only
    Masterpiece MP09 Rodimus trailer only
    Masterpiece Grimlock either version Hasbro or Takara
    Takara Mickey Mouse Prime crossover
    Takara or KO WST's any
    Takara Beast Era figure not released in the US
    Universe Nemesis Prime Mammoth Target Excl.
    Universe Shark Sub that was a Target Exclusive in 2pack

    Power Ranger Megazords only
    Power Ranger Motorcycles for the first season
    SHFiguarts of most Kamen Rider or Power Rangers
    Anime and Manga PVC Figures any size and scale

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