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    Hi! I was messing with Titans Return Weirdwolf today and it seems to me that he could end up as an Optimal Optimus custom with a lot of extensive modifications. I have not done any customs before so I am quite inexperienced. Anyhow here is the four modes as I thought they could come up from Weirdwolf and some explanation.
    20170916_181231.jpg 20170916_181531.jpg 20170916_181707.jpg 20170916_181838.jpg

    So here are the things that should be changed if it would end up a decent Optimal and I would like some suggestions on what I could use.

    - Wings. As temporary wings I used CW Deathsaurus weapons, but I am pretty sure I can fine some 5mm wings that turn somehow.

    - Fists. Again I am just guessing but it would be possible to find some fitting ape/robot fists that fit on the ball joing.

    And now for the though part...

    - Weirdwolf's head. For the sake of easiness I think a cockpit replacement would be enough which would be used in jet/vehicle (thus it should not be there on the fourth picture). The ape head could be a titan master - as his robot mode face. In that case I need to find an Optimal head to convert it to headmaster.

    - Body. I have a couple of thoughts on that. Since Weirdwolf's body can extend I thought about using it for robot mode, which could make him significantly bigger than the ape mode (1st picture). However I wonder if I could use a breastplate that is similar to the character. If not I could use the 5mm port on the robot mode (as in the picture) to put some armor there like Blurr's front and even use the pegs there to attach two guns.

    In an insaner modification of his body I would really love to find two round parts with hands port attached to extend the width of his body and seem even more muscular and more fitting to the original Optimal (but I know that this is way to ambitious)

    Things I would ommit:
    - Gun turret. I know that sucks since it is his signature weapon but it doesn't seem to fit. Unless there are ports on the cockpit that will rest on the back and two weaponts are used there.

    - Wheels for vehicle mode. They could fit on the 5mm ports in the feet but I do not think it is worth.

    I am pretty sure it is really tough to make one Optimal from this but I would really welcome any suggestions and even see one other making this idea happen. As a more feasible task I thought making instead Apeface or Optimus Primal
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