Parts lot (G1 Starscream Classics included)

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    I posted a parts lot a couple of days ago on ebay... I hope I am doing this right.


    G1 Universe Starscream with one wing sheared off at the joint.
    Transmetal Optimus Primal toso arms legs bits and pieces. Broken balljoint on crotch.
    G1 Optimus Junker arms, legs, cab, all diecast, also original screws.
    G1 wheelie no facemask
    Energon treadshot missing an arm (Balljoint intact)
    Anniversary Optimus Primal missing mutant mask, shoulder blades, mace.
    Armada Blurr withs ome sivler paint on the spoiler section, no breakage.
    WSTF Prime cab with no head. Painted black.
    BM Tankor's robot mode (Missing Tank parts) no breakage.
    Anniversary cheetor's gun, stomach. Leg that appeares to have been sheared off.

    Transformers Parts Lot Universe Classics Starscream - eBay (item 320359969619 end time Apr-20-09 14:30:59 PDT)

    Please let me know if I have done this wrong. I will remove this thread if I am asked to.

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