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    Need parts to finish your bot? Shipping in padded mailers in the US for $1.50-$2.


    Series Bot Part
    Alternator Optimus Prime Gun/Engine $5
    Animated Blitzwing missiles x 2 $1.50 ea
    Animated Bulkhead Leader Headmaster Unit
    Animated Lockdown emp gun/engine and hook $3
    Animated Optimus Prime (Voyager) Axe $3
    Animated Optimus Prime (Voyager) water gun $3
    Animated Optimus Prime (deluxe) axe head $1.50
    Animated Optimus Prime (deluxe) shield
    Animated Rodimus Minor missile $2
    Animated Swoop mace x 2 $2
    Armada Cyclonus missile
    Armada Jetfire Missile $2
    Armada Jetfire Shiled (cream color? Not white)
    Armada overload missile x2
    Armada Tidal Wave missile x2 $2.50
    Armada Unicron Missile x 6 $3.00 each
    Armada Wheeljack Missile x2 $2
    Beast Machines Blastcharge Missile $2.50
    Beast Machines Cheetor Tail $3
    beast machine jetstorm missile $1
    beast machine Ultra Jetstorm missile type 1 x2 $1.50
    beast machine Ultra Jetstorm missile type 2 x2 $1.50
    Beast Wars Optimus Minor Tail $2
    Beast Wars Rampage Missile $4
    Beast Wars TransMetal 2 Cheetor Tail $3
    Beast Wars Transmetal Waspinator missile/stinger $2.50
    Beast Wars Ultra Transmetal Tigerhawk missile x3 $2.50
    CHUG Wheeljack Ratchet $2
    CHUG Classics Bumblebee Jetski (missing jet ski handle) $1
    CHUG Classics Hot Rod Spoiler (all three parts) $4
    CHUG Universe Silverstreak gun and missile launchers
    Classic Starscream Missile x 2 $3ea
    Cybertron Blurr Launcher $2
    Cybertron cyberkeys (4) $1.50
    Cybertron Clocker gun
    Cybertron Downshift missile $1.50
    Cybertron Primus missile
    Cybertron Smokescreen Launcher/gun
    Cybertron Soundwave Gun $3
    Energon Arcee missile $2
    En ergon Hot Shot Gun $2
    Energon Megatron (Leader) Tank (no barrel) $5
    Energon Optimus Prime OP 4 Module $4
    Energon Scorponok Missile x2 $2ea.
    G1 actionmaster Axer missiles x 2
    G1 actionmaster bumblebee gun
    G1 actionmaster Jackpot gun
    G1 actionmaster Jazz gun
    G1 actionmaster Krok gun
    G1 actionmaster rollout gun
    G1 actionmaster rollout glitch (no arms)
    G1 actionmaster shockwave fistfight (no arms)
    G1 actionmaster soundwave wingthing (no arms)
    G1 Jetfire gun
    G1 Jetfire L Boosters x2 $4
    G1 Nosecone x-ray laser gun
    G1 Powermaster Prime Dual guns $4ea
    G1 Prowl gun
    G1 Prowl Launcher L&R
    G1 Prowl Missiles x2
    g1 prowl reissue missile (black)
    G1 Bruticus Head $5
    G1 Dirge Body
    G1 Dirge Left wing
    G1 Chainclaw gun $8
    G1 Gnaw gun $15
    G1 Grapple/Inferno gun
    G1 Grapple/Inferno missile
    G1 Megatron Gun $10
    G1 Metroplex missile
    G1 Metroplex Scamper arm
    G1 Metroplex Sixgun gun
    G1 Omega Supreme small clip
    G1 Omega Supreme medium clip
    G1 Omega Supreme Large clip x2
    G1 Omega Supreme track (all parts)
    G1 Omega Supreme part A,C,D,F,G,H
    G1 Omega Supreme rocket and claw
    G1 Optimus prime gas pump
    G1 Optimus prime gun (bloated and non-bloated)
    G1 Overdrive Twin electron cannon
    G1 Punch / Counterpunch Black Rifle
    G1 Rewind gun (silver) x2
    G1 Skywarp Fists L&R
    G1 Snapdragon Gun x2 $10ea
    G1 Spectro gun
    G1 Superion Head $5
    G1 Superion Right Fist $4
    G1 Swoop beak (unbroken)
    G1 Thundercracker Fists L&R
    G1 Thundercracker Launchers x2
    G1 Thundercracker long missiles x1
    G1 Thundercracker Tailfins L&R
    G1 Thundercracker wings L&R
    G1 Tracks gun
    G1 Seeker landing gear, L & R Black Fists
    HFTD Mindset missile
    RID Mirage Gun $2
    RID Optimus Prime Left Hand $2
    RID Prowl Left Launcher $2
    RID Prowl Missile $2
    RID Prowl Right Launcher $2
    RID Scourge Disc $4
    RID W.A.R.S (KB Clear red) Gun $5
    RID armorhide gun & vehicle gun $2 ea.
    RID Mega-Octane gun, Chest, & Ramp $2 ea.
    RID Megatron Missile x 2
    RID Megatron Tiny baby beast mode arms (L&R)
    RID Midnight Express Missile launcher base, missile $5
    RID Ruination Fist, chestplate, and L&R feet $2 ea.
    RID Scourge big missile $4
    RID Scourge sword - make offer
    RID Side Burn Missile $2
    RID sky-byte fin 1 & 2, gun, missiles x 2 $2 ea.
    RID Ultra Magnus Missile $2.50 ea.
    Spychanger Hotshot gun $1
    Titanium Grimlock Gun $3
    Titanium Grimlock Sword $3
    Titanium Rodimus Prime Gun $3
    Titanium Rodimus Prime name plate $3
    TFTM Arcee Missile $1.50
    TFTM Grindcore launcher

    Constantly updated list here:

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