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    Request from my buddy, SeekerBlackout. A fun lil' spoof, so enjoy! :D 

    The storage chamber was dark, empty save for the metallic pod in the centre. A faint green light emanated from this pod, casting an eerie glow outside. The chamber held a sense of foreboding, and yet it was the current residence of the Autobot Arcee, who stood still before the pod, mimicking the stoic stature of her leader, eyes narrowed in contemplative hatred.

    Within the pod, illuminated by the green, was the frozen, horrified face of the Decepticon huntress, Airachnid. Her posture was that of desperation, struggling to get out of the structure that held her frozen. She wouldn't be getting out anytime soon, and in a way, it was amusing to see the one who loved killing so much be denied death, instead imprisoned, hopefully for a very, very long time. Until the Sun expanded and consumed the Earth with Airachnid on it, best-case scenario.

    Arcee probably figured she had better things to do tonight then stare at the wretch before her. But she needed to face her tormentor, really, and comprehend her new situation. Honestly, she had wanted to kill Airachnid. Drive her blades into her dark spark and watch the light flicker out of her dying optics, take a blaster to her head, maybe just wrench out her vital structures with her bare hands.

    But she had told her, while smiling, to make it hurt when she killed her, and Arcee realised that killing Airachnid wouldn't do anything other than satisfy her demented mind. Arcee wasn't a monster. She wasn't like Airachnid-

    The door slid open, and she turned to see the massive form of Bulkhead, Bumblebee right behind him.

    "Still in here?" The Wrecker asked, surprised, the yellow Autobot sidling behind his comrade to evade Arcee's warning gaze. "I thought you'd be done staring at bug-lady."

    "I'll be out when I'm out." The bike grunted, turning back to her nemesis. "Leave me alone."

    She made to refocus her thoughts, but she was aware of Bumblebee beeping a low whisper to Bulkhead, whom muttered: "I dunno, how'd she react to that?"

    "To what?" Arcee snapped, turning back to him, folding her arms as she glared at the larger Autobot. If they didn't take the hint to leave soon, she may have to kick them out. What stupid thing were they plotting now?

    "Well, don't get your exhaust pipe in a twist, but me and 'Bee came up with a fun idea." He replied, careful to keep his tone soothing to placate the annoyed femme. "Show her, little man."

    Bumblebee darted forward and extended his hands. Within it were four human spray-cans, coloured blue, green, purple and yellow. The expectant way he looked at her did nothing to help her flicker of confusion. She turned her stare to Bulkhead: "What are these for?"

    Bulkhead paused, wondering how to tell her, before voting on blunt honesty: "We're gonna spray-paint the pod."

    Arcee did not comprehend for a few moments. Her shocked optics moved from one Autobot to the other, then back again, repeating the process. She remaine dperfectly still, running his words over in her processor.

    Bulkhead and Bumblebee shifted awkwardly, unsure of what to do, whether to simply push her aside and do their intended mission, or to retreat-

    She held a hand out: "Give me one of those."

    Thoroughly relieved to be away from the silence, Bumblebee handed her the green one, and, with skill not to be expected of a large robot, she flipped off the lid, flicked the nozzle to open and pressed down.

    A stream of green paint flew out of the can, settling upon the glass surface of the pod, and with agile movements, Arcee guided the flow, whipping green here and there. When she withdrew, Bumblebee and Bulkhead moved to look, and both of them burst into laughter.

    If looked at the right angle, the green had made a smily face right over Airachnid's own face and the effect was utterly hilarious.

    Arcee grinned smugly. Payback was hers.

    Emboldened by her example, Bulkhead seized the purple can from Bumblebee, his massive fingers somehow setting up the can without crushing it, while Bumblebee dual-wielded blue and yellow. Both started spraying; Bulkhead added a bright purple star to the dark metal surface, Bumblebee made a blue shark with yellow eyes.

    The true spraying now began.

    They ventured all around the pod, laughing and joking as they added more decoration to Airachnid's prison; green writing spelling out: I SUCK, a yellow bee, a blue stickman, purple writing of: INCY BINCY SPIDER, a blue, crude depiction of the Autobot insignia, a blue spider and more green writing: ARCEE FTW, to name a few.

    "Hey, 'Bee!" Bulkhead called: "Draw Megatron squashing her!"

    Bumblebee beeped laughter, before grabbing the purple can from Arcee and setting on just that. The Wrecker himself was drawing a bunch of flies, while Arcee added an unhappy face with its tongue sticking out, stating cheerfully: "Sucks to be Airachnid."

    "It'd suck to be Airachnid even without the pod!" Bulkhead snorted, and the three of them laughed. Bumblebee twittered for them to see his Megatron, and the other two were deeply amused to see the angry face of the warlord stomping on the grumpy spider.

    "Good job, 'Bee!"

    "Wish he did to her what he did to that bigger bug!"

    "And may I ask what you are doing?"

    They froze.

    At the doorway stood Optimus Prime, eyes narrowed with distaste as they took in the decorations and the guilt-stricken soldiers before him.

    "Explain." He said, and Bulkhead swiftly moved forward to do so: "Sir, we were just having a bit of fun, you know. It's nothing serious-"

    "-We were just showing off our artistic desires-" Arcee added.

    Bumblebee beeped.

    Optimus simply shook his head: "I expect better from you three than such childish antics. Desecrating a prisoner's cell is hardly an act worthy of an Autobot. Leave this room now."

    There was no aruging with cold authority. The three Autobots swiftly exited, even the hefty Bulkhead skittering away faster than a cockroach. Optimus watched them go, his stoic stance never changing, before he noted a metal glint near the pod. Moving over, he saw it was the purple spray can, left in the hurry to escape the Prime's dissapproval.

    He lifted it up, curiously examining it. He glanced at the pod, noting Airachnid's horrified expression under the graffiti.

    Optimus contemplated for a moment, before his hand extended and a finger pressed down on the nozzle.

    Purple spray splattered across an empty space, and he guided it into these two words: PRIME RULES.

    When it was done, he stated: "Consider that payback for when you turned me into an glorified statue with the Immobiliser."

    With that said, and wondering if he saw her optic twitch, he turned to leave, but just before he shut the door, he added one last word to his sentence:


    Don't mess with Optimus Prime :D 
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    :lolol  :lolol 

    Yes! Thank you!

    "Arcee FTW."

    That deserves another :lolol 
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    Brillant! Simply Brillant! :lolol  :thumb 
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    Awesome long drabble, short but sweet ;D

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