Paper Mario TTYD has taken me over yet again!

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Scrapper6, Mar 11, 2007.

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    So I decided to start a second file in the game since I wasn't in the mood for half-arsed leveling up in the first one just to finish getting all the badges/recipes made up and vanquishing the Pit of 100 Trials and the more I play it the more I wish I had the original to Play again. Two things make that impossible now; I sold off my N-64 and Paper Mario must be just about one of the hardest titles to snag used because I think NO ONE ever wants to get rid of it, and who can blame them? :lol 

    For two days straight I've been pounding away/rolling flat/turning sideways/boatifiying myself and mastering the Pianta Parlor Plane Game to the ninth degree. I just love all of the Bowser segments based on original Super Mario Bros.; my one complaint is that they aren't long enough or there aren't more of them, ideally if they make a RPG sequel to this one and not just Super Paper Mario they'll expand on the Bowser feature provided he isn't the main antagonist again.

    Ya think Paper Mario for the N-64 will either get slapped on the Virtual Console soon or become one of the N-64 to DS transfers? I need more of a Paper Mario fix and one game isn't enough. So I guess I'll start the ball bowling to actually discuss the title further in this revival type thread of a fun classic GCN game... How many badges did you manage to get on your first run through? Did you even make recipes up with Zess T. Did you feel bad when you got the Ultra Hammer and Toadette ran away crying? Are the Bowser Segments funny as all heck?
    Who do you feel was the best all around partner? Or the hardest Villain?
    And which did you prefer The Original Paper Mario or this bad boy? Oh and one more thing; did you find occasion to use all the Special Moves or were you constantly relying on the attack and health replenishing ones rather then the status changers?
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    VC FTW, I hope!
  3. KidDynamite

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    I think it's a safe bet that the N64 one will show up on Virtual Console eventually.

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