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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by CoolHandLuke, Jun 7, 2018.

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    Me and my wife are really new with making resin figurines. Now we are trying to paint them. I hope someone can give us advice on how to get the paint to stick on better.

    We noticed that the acrylic paint isnt sticking very well to the figurines. The figurines are plastic, so the paint kinda slides everywhere, and doesn't grip on like with a canvas. Do you guys have any recommendation besides spray painting? (the figurines have a lot of detail so spaying would present different problems)
    We tried different acrylic paint, so I dont think it is the brand. Perhaps a different primer? The Primer we use was recommended to use by Smooth Cast. Right now its nearly impossible to get an even coat of paint on. And we cant color it with just one coat, we need at least 2 or 3 coats to get any coverage.

    Here are the materials we use. If you recommend something else please let us know.
    We use Smooth-Cast simi rigid plastic for making the figurines. (We dont have access to a vacuum chamber) We sand them down some after, rinse it with soap and water, dry it. After that we spray primer from the brand PLastiKote as was recommended from the people at Smooth-Cast. I do 2 coats. We then use Acrylic paint for painting. By the brands Reeves, College and Craft Smart.

    Hope someone can help us. Thank you very much!
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    Is the primer not working at all, or is it just getting too thick and obscuring detail? If it seems to work, but you are losing detail try to sprat from further away. Like if you are 6-12 inches, move back to 12-18 inches. you will get lighter coverage, but may be able to build up more adhesion without losing detail.

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