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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Jazz Meister, Mar 3, 2011.

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    First not sure if this post should be in this thread or another one Radicons?

    Well with the add on kits for Wreck-Gar from Maiden Japen I was thinking of painting some Wreck-Gars different colors. My question is how do you customizers paint your figures. From the How to Section I found out that
    most of you use Alcohol and sand paper to take off paint. Do you take off all the paint? Also do you use a primer and how to you keep paint from chipping.
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    This would be better suited in the Creative General Discussion forum.

    The Tutorials in the Radicon's area are invaluable, it's a great resource that we have on here.

    Depending on the factory apps, I usually don't worry about removing the factory paint, I just sand down the rubbing areas a little, then primer and add paint.

    On a figure like RTS Jazz, say I want to turn him into a Stepper, I would need to remove those pesky pin stripes, so yes I would remove them and rinse and repeat using my formula.

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