Customs: Paint choices for TF customs vs. Other types of toy

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by blaynescott, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    I've been customizing since 2007, and I've become comfortable using specific types of hobby paints:

    Tamiya Acrylics
    Vallejo Acrylics (Game Color)
    Citadel Washes/Inks

    Using these acrylics + a varnish/sealant is pretty standard (as I discovered after I was customizing for about 2 years) among many customizers at, and other places.

    However, the more I read WiP writeups by Transformer-customizers, the more I see Matte Enamel paints (Tamiya and Model Masters seem to be the most used).

    What's best? I'm about to start painting up some customs (After preping their joints/sanding/etc) using some automotive spray laquers + acyrylics, and I'm worried the paint wont' adhere as well. Is that why most people use enamels?

    I did one TF custom a few years back using citadel acrylic paints and washes + a matte sealant, and it worked fine - but since it was a Vector Prime, and really had no paint-rub areas to speak of even before prepping - I never had any issues with it.


    Fast forward 5 years to newer, and more complicated Transformers (DOTM Megatron, for example, with lots of interlocking parts), and I'm curious:

    Do I need to re-buy my paints in Enamels, or are my Vallejo/Tamiya acrylics OK for TF customs too?

    Thanks in advance for everyone's input. :) 
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    People use all sorts of paint to customize TFs. Basically everyone just uses what they feel comfortable with. As long as you do enough prep work and use a good primer and a good sealant/clear coat you can get pretty good results with any paint really. Enamels are great for TFs because they seem to be a little more durable than acrylics sometimes, but Vallejo, citadel, and Tamiya paints work well too and many Radicons use those bands of paint (some exclusively). I don't think you need to go out and get all new paints. That said, some of the top tear customizes DO use automotive lacquers (airbrushed though I think) with great results so it's really just up to you as to what you want to invest into customizing. I hope this helps.

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