Original XBOX 3rd person games ?

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Mighty.Maximal, May 22, 2011.

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    I was looking for some suggestions for 3rd person "adventure or semi-platform" games I might have missed i've sort of run out of XBOX 360 ones as I have them all so I'm looking to go backwards any one got any ideas mainly XBOX1 or maybe PS2/ Gamecube/Wii or even PS1.

    The sort of thing i'm thinking of is stuff like Cold War or Second Sight. But i'll take adventure / Actionish RPGs & roaming beatem up adventure suggestions too.

    Basically I bought all the FPS I wanted then all the Racing games on all formats then all the XBOX 3d adventure like games and now I fancy some more on the other formats so some suggestions are welcome.

    I don't even mind the cartoon like ones as I enjoyed the Ty The Tazmanian Tiger series for example.

    If I get stuck I might have to resort to playing Story of Thor on the Sega (Genesis) / Megadrive collection - 'laugh'.
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    If you're up to your games being manlier than you are, Ninja Gaiden Black is a must have.

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