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    I've been on a few different Transformers boards for a few years now and something that always seems to come up is people complaining about the overuse of a rehashed idea or story line. The funny thing is they're usually referring to things that aren't used all that much like Unicron or Megatron being upgraded into Galvatron.

    So I was thinking what's the most rehashed story line ever? Optimus Prime vs. Megatron leading their respective groups in war. They've made minor changes to that basic plot line over the years but really it's the same old thing every time.

    We've seen stories before like Animated where Optimus Prime is not the leader of the Autobots but is still the main focus of the series. What we haven't seen is a story where Megatron is not the leader of the Decepticons. I was thinking about doing something with that, let someone else lead while Megatron has to work his way up to power but that still makes it a war story with someone else as the leader.

    Another thing a lot of people want is a story that takes place entirely on Cybertron. There is no Earth. I had thought about a story where Earth would be introduced later in the story line but screw it, there is no Earth. That's been reused to death too. Everything would take place on Cybertron.

    So here's the original idea that I came up with. The Autobots are the citizens of Cybertron governed by the high council who consist of Sentinel Minor, Optimus Prime, Overhaul, and Convoy . Decepticons is a name given to criminals rather than an organized army they're more like small gangs who would be lead by Breaker, Cryotek, Megatron, Galvatron, Magmatron, and Gigatron.

    Yes Optimus Prime and Megatron would still be present in the story but they wouldn't be the main focus, at least not all the time. Optimus Prime would have to take a back seat to three other character who would get a great deal of development in some of the stories that focus entirely on them. Megatron would get to develop as a grunt taking back seat to five other main villains before his schemes could even be realized. Even when Megatron finally does succeed at something I'm not going to end with him as the over all big bad Decepticon leader. No, I figure once he's defeated and out of the way I have plans for Gigatron.

    Obviously this isn't going to be a straight up pair one Autobot leader with one Decepticon leader and let them duke it out like a super hero plot. I got six Decepticon leaders and only four Autobots. They won't be like sub factions of these are Optimus Prime's Autobots and these are Convoy's either. I'll use characters specific to the plot rather than to the leader the story is focused on.

    I don't really have an off hand idea of the other characters who might appear but let me elaborate on the one's I've already mentioned.

    Sentinel Minor: I took elements from a few different characters to create this guy. Mostly he's a new incarnation of Great Convoy from Beast Wars Neo. He was a miner character but I've expanded on that a bit by incorporating elements from other character and making him the head of the Autobot council. Don't really know what he looks like under that cape but I would guess he's based on Bat Primal. If I'm wrong he is now because my version is a blue and gray Cybertronian jet. The name came from Optimus Minor which changed to Sentinel Minor when I decided to make him head of the council.

    Optimus Prime: This is a younger Optimus Prime, in fact the youngest member of the council who is still learning how to do his job. Mostly based on Optimus Primal and Animated Prime. I seen a knock off Optimus Prime the other day with a vehicle mode that is kinda similar in shape to the pre-BW Primal but more like a Cybertronian truck that would be perfect for this character.

    Overhaul: This character is based on Lio Convoy. I changed the name to Overhaul to play homage to his American name sake's original mold. That being that Leo Prime was originally Leo Breaker who in turn was originally Overhaul. To further the homage he'd have the same vehicle alt mode but Cybertronian style. The robot mode however would be more of a homage to Lio Convoy with lots of red, white, blue, and gold coloring.

    Convoy: Based on Big Convoy he is a loner type. Yes he would still be known as the one man army. He was picked to be on the council not because he works well with others but because he's brought down a lot of Decepticons single handedly. Despite his attitude towards others he's still been on the council longer than Optimus Prime. Convoy is typically a name for a group of trucks rather than a single truck so I figured just calling him Convoy would actually be a fitting name for a one man army.

    Breaker: Based on G1 Razorclaw who also had a toy using Leo Breaker's mold. I could of called him Nemesis Breaker because he's evil but I don't know, just seems like over kill. I figure he'll be a drill machine like War Within Razorclaw.

    Cryotek: Based off the character of the same name from Theft of the Golden Disk. (I almost made a horrible typo there as I wrote "Disk", care to guess what it was.) I kinda picture him as an organized Crime Boss with Megatron as his second in command. (At least till they back stab each other.)

    Megatron: Based on Beast Wars/Machines Megatron is a cunning criminal with bigger ambitions than Cryotek ever thought of. While my Megatron may actually end up taking over Cybertron he won't do it by starting a war that will last for who knows how long but rather very cunning scheming that is typical of this kind of character. And I think people will appreciate that he is NOT the main villain for the entire plot line. He has to share a spot light with 5 other guys. It should also be noted that most other Decepticons HATE him because his schemes tend to get in their way.

    Galvatron: For once being portrayed as a separate character based on BWII Galvatron but without the Dragon mode.

    Magmatron: Based on BW Neo Magmatron he would still be able to split his body into 3 different alt modes but they would be Cybertronian vehicles instead of animals. I'm thinking a retool of Armada Tidal Wave sense he also has that ability. Preferably retooled so the 3 components actually look like things instead of pieces of his combined vehicle and not all water based.

    Gigatron: Based on RID Megatron/Galvatron I decided to use his Japanese name simply because both his American names are already in use.

    So what do you think. How many of you would be interested in a story line that takes place entirely on Cybertron and doesn't rehash the old war torn story line of Optimus Prime vs. Megatron/Galvatron? This would take everything that made Beast Wars awesome and expand on it so we're not always focused on the same hero or villain all the time. And I'll try my best not to turn it into a super hero type story line sense I know a lot of you don't like that. (even though it's never been done with Transformers.)

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