Original SHBM Galvatron for sale

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    This is the original Super Human Hybrid Model Galvatron. This figure was originally meant for release in 1987 along with Rodimus Prime and Arcee, but only a handful ever saw the light of day.

    This is NOT the BotCon Japan exclusive. That version featured featured a different paint job, and a different box as you can see here: http://images.wikia.com/transformers/images/f/f0/SHBMGalv1.jpg And this toy is even rarer than the BotCon Japan version.

    Only one other original SHBM Galvatron has been confirmed to exist in my research. In fact, if you want to see the discussion thread on this bad boy, check it out here:

    My "unique" SHBM Galvatron... - The Allspark Forums

    This is a ridiculously rare item, and if you're looking for an ultra-rare piece of Transformers merchandise, this is for you.

    Original SHBM Galvatron - Ultra Rare - Japanese - MIB - eBay (item 170622786064 end time Apr-07-11 21:26:30 PDT)

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