Optimus Prime. What have you done?

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    So, I got a bit bored at work today and thought I’d write an off the wall what-if situation concerning the Lost Light mutineers and their day of reckoning. It's pretty much my first time writing anything of my own. I take a lot of liberties with characters and etc. Also, I hope this is the right place to post this sort of stuff? I dunno. If not, sorry!

    The modestly sized Catharsian vessel approached the Lost Light as casually as a disinterested window shopper. “No cause for alarm …” said Getaway.

    Getaway : “Catharsians … for sure those warm-wired scammers are here to trade for more than they’re willing to give” he dismissively observed, aloud, craving the validation of the bridge crew. No one seemed to notice what he’d said.

    Hound, on the other hand, staring at the vessel through the gaping doorway of hangar bay large (as they’d taken to calling the smallest of the hangar bays) noticed something that didn’t fit the aesthetic of the Catharsians.

    Hound : “That ship’s just too angular, too pointy. It’s too weapony! Can I say that Blaster? Too weapony? Or is that just …”

    Perceptor : “I believe the word is weaponized. Neither, Hound, are you being cute.”

    Riptide : “dude, come on, weapony should sooo be a word. Sixshot was weapony, Fort Max, Ultramagnus” Riptide paused after having said Magnus’s name. He was suddenly stricken by grief and guilt thinking to himself “Slag me! Primus, what in Unicron’s Pit did we do?”.

    Blaster : “Riptide. RIPTIDE! Slag! You guys gonna help me bring this thing in an’ dock it? Or you gonna just stand there like a bunch’a wallflowers?”

    Blaster, loving the human slang and expressions he’d learned so much that they’d become a part of his lexicon, forgot that the other bots could have no idea of what a wall flower is.

    Confused, the other three obliged his request.

    Hound: “Wow. The Catharsians totally went up-tech. This is one shiny, new, wicked lil’ ship” he said, after whistling with approval. “I can’t even get any readings on it!”

    The vessel set itself down on its extended mag pads, and as the four bots approached the rear hatch Hound noticed something odd about the ship. It stopped him dead in his tracks because, you see, with the mag pads fully extended, the normally concealed internal mechanisms were showing their original paint.

    It wasn’t the mediocre shade of gray the rest of the ship was painted in, oh no, what he saw was violet.

    Hound : “Ummm, you gu … “

    His recoil at the startling observation was cut short, it was too late to do a damned thing; the rear hatch was alive, hissing and whirring. Efficiently, quietly, softly it touched down on the hangar bay floor.

    The interior was poorly lit, which seemed to be more by choice than malfunction or design, but none of the four needed to see who was in there when they heard an unmistakable voice speak

    “We are here in an unofficial capacity. Please, we do not intend to harm anyone, but we are obviously not above that. Request Getaways immediate presence, and step aside.”

    The blockish bot emerged from the shadowed ship’s interior and only one bot managed to say anything at the energon chilling site. Perceptor. He mouthed “Soundwave” in the muted volume only a terrified bot could manage.

    Behind the once second in command to Megatron came others, equally infamous, and no less frightening.

    Blaster used his internal connection to the ships com systems. “Um, Getaway, man we got a major problemo in hangar bay large. You really, really need to get here pronto. Like quick-time my man”.

    Not a short time later.

    Sauntering into the hangar bay, attempting to be the collected, calm leader he always dreams of being he realizes the severity of the “problemo”. Standing before him are Soundwave, Slag, Swoop, Snarl, Skywarp, and Thundercracker.

    Getaway : “Oh, a party! Neat trick. So. Three bots that can tear the ship apart from the inside. Two more that’ll make it so no one survives. And one that’ll keep anyone from knowing what happened.” After a pause that wreaked of defeat “I guess we might as well start with the obligatory and useless, soooooo whaddaya want?”

    He was met with blank stares and dead silence from the five warriors standing before him. As if that wasn’t frightful enough, he saw him, the one bot he would’ve preferred to avoid seeing for the rest of his life.

    The grasp of Optimus’s left hand nearly held the entirety of Getaways head within it.

    Getaway : “Slag!! For such a big bot you’re really fast”

    He no longer felt metal beneath his feet. He could tell he was being held aloft, with the equivalent to his entire body length beneath him by this one powerful, red arm.

    Optimus, in his familiar, baritone and deliberate voice angrily said just one thing.

    Optimus Prime : “What have you done!
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