Heavy/Scratch: Optimus Prime Pen on the moon base... Part3

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    CONCEPT: to make the attractive pen with pen stand plus lights and sounds.

    1. Disassemble metal pen, modify circuit of light & laser pointer.
    2. Clone Optimus prime head, modify ribs inside head.
    3. Clone Space man, add dowel to lock into the moon base.
    4. Make the moon base model include the correct hole to insert pen.
    5. Make the mold of moon base
    6. Make plastic resin of the moon base
    7. Remake laser & LED light module to optimum length, add SMD LED light module for satellite receiver.
    8. Set switches position for space man and the Pen to activate sounds.
    9. Decorate satellite receiver and set-up LED light onto it.
    10.Set switch function to activate LED light (attach to satellite receiver)
    11. Clone satellite receiver & button switch
    12. Assemble sound modules, battery socket.
    13. Make the bottom cover.
    14. Make model of the Optimus Prime's chin.
    15. Clone the Optimus Prime's chin & the cover of the moon.
    16. Assemble Optimus Prime's head, light module to the Pen.
    17. Paint the Pen
    18. Make the USA.flag and paint the moon.

    3. Clone Space man, add dowel to lock into the moon base.

    we don't need spaceman base. Once remove base out,
    we need to make the dowel on his foot to fit into moon base.
    So I need to make the silicone mold for this purpose.

    cut the stand base out.


    then do the same as silicone making.

    lay on plasticine close to parting line, check if undercut remain.

    it looks ok now.

    prepare for silicone steps.

    2 layers are enough.

    check if every details are complete.

    before next step, I found that there is sink mark on his leg. Complete it with pasticine.

    make dowel on his foot. it's around 7 mm.

    attach dowel by super glue.

    to ensure that silicone will be set fully under dowel, I will cut the silicone dimple out.

    this step can't mis.. otherwise you will cry...

    use air gun to blow silicone set under dowel completely.

    check everythings are ok. ready to make plastic resin process.

    ahh... I made mistake. He got sink mark due to not enough resin since poring.
    But now you can see he got strong dowel to fit into moon base now.

    try again, he looks fine.

    we can make in any light color, then repaint with white color at last.
    all right my friends, now we have space man be ready to
    decorate our moon base.

    Thanks for watching

    bye for now! ^^​

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