Opened Universe, Titanium and other figures for sale (Boxes included)

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    Howdy folks,

    In need of a bit of cash personally so of course the first thing to go are the figures, sadly. These items have had their boxes opened. The figures were on display only and nothing more.

    Almost everything that came with the figure are still with it (weapons, instructions, additional pack-ins, etc.). The only thing that is missing are the twist ties to hold the figures. I'm not an avid collector but I did try my best to take care of everything as I know I would eventually have to sale them. Just don't expect mint condition. Of course, feel free to ask any questions.

    And now the list:

    Universe 2.0 Silverbolt - $12.00
    Universe 2.0 Springer and Ratbat - $20.00
    Universe 2.0 Hot Shot - $5.00
    Universe 2.0 Prowl - $5.00
    Universe 2.0 Unicron - $50.00 (Only unopened item)

    Note: Universe Deluxe figures had their boxes opened around the bottom and sides to slide out tray holding figure.

    6-inch Rodimus Prime - $15.00
    6-inch G1 Ultra Magnus - $25.00 [PENDING]
    6-inch Hot Zone - $15.00

    iGear Comptuer Control Center - $40.00 [SOLD]
    Revoltech Hot Rod - $10.00 [SOLD]

    Items will be shipped by the United States Postal Service using Priority Mail. Costs will be whatever the online rate is for the exact weight of packed item is. So expect to pay around $6 - $10 on the smaller items. Unicron and and the iGear CCC will of course be more. Insurance is optional so let me know if you are interested in that or not.

    I would prefer PayPal as payment buy check or money order is fine, too. The item won't ship until payment is cleared. I ask that you please make sure you have the funds first before asking. I've had problems with that in the past and people eventually not paying.

    Request Purchase:
    First come, first serve. Send an e-mail to with the item(s) you wish to purchase. Include your ZIP code or country so I can respond to you with the shipping cost, total amount, and instructions on where to send payment.

    Again, any questions, let me know.

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