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    So I was asking in general discussions about the quality of comics on the Kindle and Nook platforms. So far...Im very pleased. I just purchased the 12 issues of All Hail Megatron and read them and I have the first 7 issues of the ongoing series. My question is...why are only 7 of them on Amazon and not the rest? Does IDW have plans to release the rest of the issues in the e version? Its a lot easier to collect them this way for me. Sorry collectors, I dont care about having stacks of comics I read once and they stack up. Im more of the graphic novel collector but I see they dont want to put Transformers out that way. I tried to look on IDW's website to see if maybe I could get a subscription to MTMTE and RID series but unless I missed it, there doesnt appear to be one. Was hoping too maybe I could get the rest of the ongoing series in e versions there too but apprently not. Any help the community can give me would be great

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