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    Fifty brief muses regarding the Metaverse. Enjoy

    1. Hope
    Hound wonders if Grimlock, twisted as he is, will ever have any chance of being accepted back into Cybertronian society. But then he sees the warrior indulging Bumblebee in a game of Tag with a joy in his red optics Hound has never seen before, and he decides that he still has hope after all.

    2. Peace
    Just once, just once in his lifetime, Starscream wishes that Barricade will shut the frag up and get on with monitor duty already.

    3. Duality
    Wheeljack feels content, tinkering in the lab. Wheeljack feels content, fighting a furious fight. And quite honestly, he's not sure which one makes him feel more content.

    4. Monotone
    Soundwave speaks with the voice of a machine, but only a fool would miss the undertone of sarcasm.

    5. Past
    Ratchet mourns the past as zealously as he mourns the loss of another soldier within the med-bay.

    6. Present
    Slipstream rarely indulges in more casual activities with her comrades, but she is giggling as Barricade tries- and fails- to skim a stone across the lake, forgetting the War for a short time as he curses the pitiful rocks.

    7. Future
    Every Cybertronian thought it, but Jazz again wonders if Cybertron will ever be beautiful again. He gazes at a flower nearby, bright yellow petals and healthy green stem, and hopes that same bright health will again bless his planet.

    8. Colours
    Everyone has red optics aboard the Darksyde, except for Slipstream's green and Soundwave's yellow. Perhaps that was why only they could look at each other and truly share the same thought: Starscream's not going to be pleased when this plan fails.

    9. Sky
    Before he came to Earth, Evac's alternate-form was a transport hauler. As he takes to the sky, rotors whipping the wind around him, he is lost in the brief pleasure that, among his comrades on Earth, he is unique.

    10. Land
    Were he in robot form, Starscream would narrow his eyes with contempt as he observes a motorway beneath him, cars and lorries swarming black tarmac like the Earth ants. You'd never catch him stuck in a traffic jam

    11. Sea
    Back on Cybertron, Hound would show Bumblebee holograms of distant worlds, engulfed in water and liquids, whether a calm ocean or a violent storm of rain. Bumblebee would stare in awe at the projections, before declaring he would be a boat when he grew up.

    12. Tolerance
    Grindor acknowledges that Starscream is, hard as it is to say, a decent leader and a decent fighter. That doesn't mean he should have to put up with the egotist's daily speeches, though.

    13. Fantasy
    Ratchet is droning on about how Grimlock should be more careful in battle, as he solders a wound on the theropod's leg. Grimlock ignores his prattling, preferring instead to dream of biting Ratchet's annoying head off.

    14. Reality
    Barricade watches from the doorway as Slipstream lowers her head in defeat and murmurs her apology to the dead Seeker, and all he can think of is that she should know by now that War won't stop doing this to her.

    15. Fun
    Hot Shot jumps around, shouting exclamations of how he's gonna have so much fun when they reach Earth, and Warpath stands around, declaring statements of how he's gonna have so much fun shooting Hot Shot to make him shut up.

    16. Nervous
    He acknowledges that, put bluntly, he is a coward, but that doesn't stop Sideways from wishing he was a tad braver when he again jumps at Soundwave speaking to him.

    17. Sun
    Wheeljack thinks the sun is too bright, Bumblebee thinks the sun isn't bright enough and Jazz simply states that the sun is too bright and not bright enough at the same time, which certainly causes serious contemplation in the other two.

    18. Moon
    Blast-Off stands on the Moon sometimes, shifting the white dust under his feet as he admires the view of a green-and-blue planet adding colour to the blackness of space.

    19. Arrogance
    Arcee is so much faster than anyone of her team, or the other team, and she makes note to display this talent as often as she can, which still probably isn't often enough to satisfy her ego.

    20. Respect
    Everything Brawl does generally comes down to the wish of earning Onslaught's respect. So far, he has not quite grasped that he has always had it.

    21. Regret
    As he watches Cybertron fade away into the darkness of space, the Zeta-1 leaving for a new planet, Ratchet wishes he had said goodbye to Optimus Prime before he abandoned his old friend to the war-torn shell of a once great planet.

    22. Habits
    When Barricade is angry, angrier than usual, the first thing Slipstream does is sigh and prepare the med-bay for the aftermath of the inevitable scuffle that is sure to follow. With Barricade, old habits died hard.

    23. Power
    Grimlock believes he is the strongest warrior of the Autobots, more powerful than any other, willing to battle any and all Decepticons. And yet, when Bumblebee softly asks him to stop shouting at Jazz, he is powerless to resist.

    24. Cruelty
    Vortex knows that he is supposed to be productive when interrogating, but sometimes, he just wants to cut the victim for the fun, not the work.

    25. Old
    Whenever Kup feels pressured by the exuberant annoyance of Hot Shot, or the self-absorbed arrogance of Arcee, or the boasting of new weapons by Warpath, he simply holds his Thunder Cannon and strokes the scratches upon the barrel.

    26. New
    Grindor proudly displays his newest turret model, gleefully showcasing its abilities, design and programming. All Starscream wants to know is if he can leave now.

    27. Life
    Before the War, Wheeljack once had to look after a friend's sparkling. He sat with the tiny thing, watching it coo and squeak as it played with his fingers, and wondered what life it would be grow up to lead.

    28. Death
    Swindle finds death wasteful; there is no profit in a dead customer. So, as he contemplates the smoking corpse of his weapon's latest victim, he is sure to give a brief salute in memory of what could have been a good business deal.

    29. Awesome
    Awesome is the only word Bumblebee can find to truly describe how he felt about Jazz singlehandedly saving him from two of Starscream's Seekers.

    30. Hate
    From the first time he laid optics on him, Barricade knew he'd always hate Starscream. And now, as the jet demands a fresh cube of Energon, he knows his hate is well and truly justified.

    31. Kindness
    With all the snide remarks about his age and obsolete values she makes, Arcee feels regretful about them as Kup pulls her out of the sinking sand pit, murmuring a soft thanks that he has remained kind despite her attitude.

    32. Love
    Ever since she looked up it up on the Internet, Slipstream is intrigued by the human values of love and how they express it. Needless to say, Onslaught is rather perplexed when Blast-Off remarks that he recieved an odd pink card from the Darksyde.

    33. Fire
    If there is one thing Grimlock and Warpath can agree on, it's that nothing is more satisfying than observing an enemy fleet go up in flames.

    34. Water
    Vortex went to a beach once, you know. After the salt water left an itchy rust on his joints and the sand kept sticking to him and the seaweed got tangled up in his foot, he decided he hated it.

    35. Earth
    Jazz grins at Evac as he rears back and throws the rock, neatly knocking off the pine-cone he had placed upon the top of a boulder, declaring himself the victor of Cone Shot. Evac's response is to pick up the boulder and express a desire to play Jazz Shot.

    36. Air
    Starscream doesn't need to breath, but if there's one thing he loves, it's to cycle in a cool wave of air through his ventalation systems and feel satisfied at the refreshing sensation.

    37. Hurt
    Hound winces as Wheeljack carries him; the movement is jolting his mangled leg, dripping Energon across the floor, and all he can do to distract himself from the pain is to find new ways to insult Barricade.

    38. Pleasure
    Soundwave has no mouth, but he would be smirking as Grindor fumes and snarls under his fantastically snide comment regarding his competence.

    39. Foolish
    In hindsight, Hot Shot figured, attempting to fight Bruticus by himself wasn't the best idea in the world.

    40. Intelligent
    Starscream thinks it is very clever of him to have Waspinator spy on the Autobots. Sideways thinks it obvious to say it might be clever. Starscream smacks him for that.

    41. Wish
    Evac asked him what he would wish for if he could. Kup muses on that for a moment, and then replies: "Happiness."

    42. Domination
    Onslaught does not believe in domination. As his soldiers can attest, he believes in respect and understanding, that a leader must connect to their soldiers for maximum efficiency. And anyone who sees the mighty Bruticus in action may well agree with this mindset.

    43. Culture
    Jazz and Hound sit for hours on end, simply talking about all of Earth's pleasures, weaknesses and oddities. Many scout for Energon, but these two scout for culture.

    44. Drive
    Occasionally, Soundwave will leave the ship and drive through a town or a city. There's no real point to these drives; he just wants to feel the road under his wheels.

    45. Lightning
    All Cybertronians are wary of electricity; too much can overload their circuits. But Wheeljack finds it fascinating nonetheless, that the sky itself may spit power upon all underneath.

    46. Thunder
    A Thunder Cannon is one of the most powerful weapons developed on Cybertron. Swindle reminds himself that, the next chance he gets, he should make an effort to get one for Brawl.

    47. Light
    Bumblebee and Grimlock watch the sun rise together. The scout muses on how a simple star may supply an entire planet with life! The warrior is simply content to be with the one being he truly calls friend.

    48. Dark
    Truth be told, Slipstream is scared of the dark. It reminds her of a time, so long ago, that darkness had nearly enveloped her forever.

    49. Ancient
    The Sea of Rust was once said to be an ancient civilisation, but now it is a titanic swathe of death and oxidation. And yet, Jazz thinks of this desolate place with absolute fondness; after all, it was the place where he would race the most challenging opponents, before the War ever turned his speed to battle.

    50. Spark
    Sometimes, deep in Starscream's spark, he wonders if this War would ever solve any of the problems Megatron claimed it would. And somewhere even deeper in his spark, he's fairly sure he'll die long before that claim could even seem to be true.
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    I was talking to Seeker on dA and he says something like, "ya know this and that happened in Meta's fifty muses thread," and I was like "wut" and then I searched it and now I'm here and I'm very sad that I hadn't seen this forever ago. ;A; These are so awesome, I want to steal some of them. >.> I spend hours trying to think of one good idea that I'm inspired enough to actually execute and Meta has a pile of amazing ones all in one thread like it's no problem? EVIL.

    I'll restrain myself from not blatantly kidnapping some of these concepts, but if I ever need motivation or inspiration from now on, I definitely know where to look.










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    The Emerald Isles
    Just found this also. Amazing stuff as always! :D 
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    Dude, great job!
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    Pretty cool to see some insight on the combaticons since we never really saw them much before. And I see some characters that haven't been mentioned yet. Foreshadowing? Everything else seemed so spot on with your characters. Awesome work!
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    Fifty more brief muses regarding the Metaverse. Enjoy

    1. Gestalt
    It means something that is greater than the sum of its parts. The Combaticons are divided on whether or not to use the term themselves; Onslaught loves it, Vortex hates it, Brawl is unsure, Blast-Off cares not and Swindle is simply taking bets.

    2. Red
    It stands for passion and battle. Warpath knows it isn't the custom for an Autobot, but he's always believed in being true to oneself over the expectations of others.

    3. Blue
    It stands for faith and compassion. Vortex appreciates the sentiment, if only because it makes it easier to determine who he'll hurt first.

    4. Yellow
    It stands for neutrality. Sometimes Soundwave will gaze into a reflective surface and ponder the times when he believed it himself.

    5. Green
    It stands for healing. Evac is often self-conscious, a tad nervous or insecure, but the one thing that keeps him strong no matter what is the green of his optics and the promise of prosperity they speak of.

    6. Orange
    It stands for independence and vision. There are times when Ratchet ponders if this is the colour that lies beneath Jazz's visor, only to shrug it off; a right-hand of a Prime is never orange.

    7. Purple
    It stands for self-importance and confidence. Blast-Off says that he wears the colour best, and Swindle is quick to disagree- by way of a paint-filled grenade lying in wait in Blast-Off's room.

    8. White
    It stands for emptiness and coldness. If there is one thing that even Shockwave will always be thankful for, it is that Overlord and those empty white optics are confined to Polyhex, far far away from him.

    9. Friend
    Who asks for the opinion of a monster, Grimlock asked once. Bumblebee replies 'me', and Grimlock never asked it again.

    10. Enemy
    "Do you keep a picture of him in your berth?" Soundwave taunts, but Barricade ignores him. No-one will ever grasp the depths of his hatred from the damnable hologrammer.

    11. Male
    "No, Hot Shot." Kup growls, finally reaching the end of his patience. "We will never, I repeat, never have an organic-based anatomical correction regarding male components on my ship, or any ship, ever."

    12. Female
    Sideways has a hologram of a woman. They look better on bikes, he reasons, and he does enjoy being a better-looking bike.

    13. Robot
    The original meaning meant a worker, a slave. Sometimes Jazz might look at those young soldiers, like Arcee or Evac, and wonders just how long it'll be before they reach those depths.

    14. Clean
    Slipstream is just a tad dejected by the thought that no matter how well she washes away the stains and the scrap, the aura of death will always lurk within a med-bay.

    15. Dirty
    Brawl despises the decontamination chamber, no matter how dirty he might have become. Only Swindle, with promises of video games and fancy guns and movies, has a chance of changing his mind, if only for a moment.

    16. Metal
    Humans named a music genre metal. The irony is not lost on Starscream, who'll be happy to deride it in public and yet indulge in it for hours on end in private.

    17. Flesh
    It's very soft, very fragile, nothing like anything on Cybertron. Even as a car, Jazz can't help but be paranoid about whether or not his passenger might break.

    18. Rock
    When she's feeling a touch down, Airachnid can always cheer herself up by visiting the rock that Grimlock had once slammed Barricade into, and having a jolly good laugh at the unlucky car's imprint on it.

    19. Fact
    Admittedly, Hound doesn't care much for 'fact'. It always sound so concrete and serious. He prefers worlds where nothing is concrete, where everything could be hiding something.

    20. Myth
    Nighttrace supposes that it is stereotypical, but she does think the occasional thought about how she is like a fairy godmother to her fellow Decepticons.

    21. How
    Ratchet believes that Grimlock resurrected himself through some sort of enigmatic energy. Wheeljack just figures the bot is just too hardcore for death.

    22. What
    It's literally the only thing Arcee can say when Cliffjumper cheerfully reveals he used to smuggle rust-infused Energon during his younger days.

    23. When
    Timing is everything, so they say. Slipstream agrees with this and yet loathes it, because she can never get the right jump on that moving block on that frustrating level of Super Plasma Adventures 2.

    24. Why
    When asked this question regarding why he let the monster out of Critico, Ultra Magnus responds: "Because you couldn't."

    25. Where
    No matter where she is, Airachnid may look up into the sky and know that Commander Blackout's pride is drifting around her.

    26. Mind
    People always think that Warpath has an addled mind, what with his sheer violence towards the Decepticons. Warpath dismisses these; he's not twisted, he's merely honest.

    27. Mindless
    Barricade wonders if this is what the nodule will do to him eventually. But then, surely no sacrifice is too much if he can finally clutch Hound's pulsing spark in his claws?

    28. Time
    Kup has been around for a long time. Surely a day will come when he must hang up his cannon and move aside for the next generation. But if the next generation includes bots like Hot Shot, he'll have to stick around a bit longer.

    29. Space
    Moonracer enjoys space. It's a place that reminds her that even she is small, and sometimes that's actually quite relieving.

    30. One
    "I'd give my life for any one of you." Jazz murmurs softly. A pause, before he manages to smile and adds: "Except maybe for you, Wheeljack."
    "Slag off."

    31. Many
    They say that the needs of many are greater than the needs of few. Soundwave has spent many nights wishing that it just wasn't true. But it's far too late for regrets now.

    32. Hero
    Starscream admits to her one night that he doesn't really care how he may meet his end one day; so long as he can be remembered by at least one person as a hero, he will be content.

    33. Close
    Bumblebee is an Autobot who likes to be close. He likes to hug. He likes to snuggle. He likes being near you. It's nice. It's quite nice.

    34. Far
    Maybe if Airachnid just stretched her hand out a bit further, she could just reach through the ship, reach the planet itself, and pluck her lost friend back into her arms.

    35. Insect
    They're anything but, an Insecticon. Ratchet has only seen them once in his life, but he knows the nightmares will never vanish.

    36. Loyalist
    Grindor has always believed in loyalty. He knows the cause he fights for, he knows the leader he serves, and he will die if he must to carry it on. Loyalty is intense, but intensity only provokes intensity in turn.

    37. Treacherous.
    The only thing worse than killing your own comrades, he realises, is the wait for when they find out.

    38. Small
    Looking up at Soundwave is tolerable. Looking up at Grindor is intense. Looking up at Starscream is a desolation. Sideways wonders if he can convince Slipstream to upgrade his back-plating.

    39. Big
    Bumblebee is very small, but this doesn't stop him from being the biggest force in near everyone else's sparks.

    40. Command
    Leading with fear builds resentment. Leading with respect builds efficiency. Starscream has made his mistakes, but they will not be repeated.

    41. Obey
    Even monsters have fears, and if he were to name at least one fear, it was the darkness that waited for him in the lonely moon.

    42. Prime
    They used to say a joke about Primes; 'what's the only thing that preaches more than a Prime? The bot begging them to stop'. Secretly, Optimus actually finds it pretty funny.

    43. High
    Blast-Off is designed for space. He has no limits, no restraints, and quite frankly this was the main reason for why he was better than others.

    44. Low
    Snapshot once travelled to the bottom of Riva Li's mighty oceans. A few weeks trapped in the stomach of a Titanamaw convinced not to do that again.

    45. Tooth
    Hound will never forget them. His nightmares will make sure of that.

    46. Claw
    Wheeljack entertains the idea one time, to upgrade his hands into mighty claws, but ultimately rejects it. He blew up that container of vials with regular fingers, so claws would hardly be any better.

    47. Yes
    One word makes all the difference, Grindor muses, as he holds the trigger in his hand.

    48. Animal
    Airachnid admires animals. Even the dumbest beast will do anything to survive. Even the simplest creature will do anything to succeed. It reminds her of this war; only the most determined shall win.

    49. Human
    Jazz wonders if it was worth it. Was her life worth the pain? The dissent? The loss of their faith? Surely it must have been, because the pain now is not the pain it could have been.

    50. God
    Megatron whispers the word sometimes.

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