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    As the title of this thread suggests, I will be accepting pre-orders for 3' x 2' prints of the 'On the Wings of Heroes' lithograph that was originally done for the Make-A-Wish Foundation charity auction from now until mid-January.


    Prices are at an estimate until I receive a quote from the printers, but I expect to sell them for no more than $15 per print. I will personally autograph the print itself for an additional $5. These price estimates do not include a shipping and handling fee. That fee will be determined at a later date, when I have the physical product in hand.

    I would like to receive an e-mail notification from anyone that is interested in purchasing a print. Please send your request to ''.

    I would also appreciate an e-mail even if you are on the fence about making a purchase. If you are worried about funds, or you are waiting for a customer's review of the product, or any number of other reasons that you may have for not pre-ordering now - please let me know if you are even remotely interested. I would much rather pay for more prints and not immediately sell them all, than to not have enough to meet the demand and return to the printer to pay for a second run. As those of you who have dealt with a printing company in the past know, the cost to you becomes cumulatively cheaper the more you have made. This in turn allows me to sell the prints for less, saving you, the customer, more money in the end.

    For those of you dying for a piece of artwork right now, fear not! I still have 10 copies of the 'Arcee' poster that was done for BotCon 2007. If you would like a copy, please e-mail me at the same address as provided above. These posters, measuring 17" x 11", are $10, and I will personally autograph the print itself for an additional $5. For customers in the United States, the shipping and handling fee is $5. Shipping and handling fees for all other locations will be quoted directly from



    - Alty

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