On Allies and Adversaries

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    Not too long ago, there was a thread started in this section where people could state which faction (Autobot, Decepticon, etc) they'd join. Working somewhat along the same lines, suppose you're a veteran soldier for the faction you threw your lot in with - one who's fought alongside and against pretty much every character from your faction and that of the enemy (pick one universe only for the setting and characters, e.g. G1, Beast Era, Unicron Trilogy, Animated, etc). Who among them would you consider (a) valuable allies, (b) worthy adversaries, (c) and (d) the opposites of both... and why?

    My list (Animated-verse 'Con POV):

    Valuable Allies
    Swindle - he may sell his services dearly, but his products and their sheer quality could very well spell the difference between victory and defeat.
    Lugnut - his loyalty to the cause, along with the firepower he packs, pretty much guarantee sterling assistance in a fight.
    Shockwave - eh excels at intelligence work and doesn't afraid of infiltration. The ultimate inside source.

    Not-So-Valuable Allies
    Starscream - the guy's a trecherous schemer. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.
    Skywarp - useless coward.
    Blitzwing - he may be my favorite character on the show, but I'd probably be extremely jittery about him IRL. There's no telling what his instability might lead to.

    Worthy Adversaries
    Blurr - that speed of his.. it nearly can't be beat. Without proper preperations, I'd have stasis cuffs on me before I even knew it.
    Prowl - he's astute, crafty and resourceful.
    The Dinobots - they may be untempered, but they pack a hell of a punch.

    Not-So-Worthy Adversaries
    Bumblebee - insubordinate punk. Seperated from his friends, he's nothing.
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    Transformers cybertorn decepticons

    Valuable Allies

    Menasor-he's huge,deadly and very useful for tunneling purposes very good back up

    Scourge- he's brave,scary and fearsome, and breathes fire.

    soundwave-good for communications disruption

    Not-So-Valuable Allies (battlefield wise not off battlefield)

    Starscream-praticly same old same old

    ransack-not very strong

    crumplezone-not very smart

    thunderblast-very hawt

    thundercracker-he can't fight at all

    sideways- what do you think

    Worthy Adversaries

    optimus prime-obviously

    the cybertron defense team- they're huge tanks,with lots of firepower....but still easy to beat all at once

    override-is fast too fast

    metroplex-he's huger than menasor so he's extremeley difficult to beat

    vector prime-it's because of him the whole series pretty much started

    Not-So-Worthy Adversaries

    clocker and brakedown- one's too young and one's told old

    backstop-backstop sucks peroid
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    G1 Autobot POV

    Valuable Allies:
    Optimus Prime (obviously) - As long as he doesn't go getting himself killed again.
    Ratchet - I'm not trusting any other medic with my mechanical doings. Look at the disaster that happens if Perceptor is your doctor.
    Dinobots - if you know how to handle them (ie. trick them into doing what you want them to) then your team will be hard to beat. They might not want to play nice with Optimus though.
    Jetfire - he's my air support guy. Better than the Aerialbots. Because... well, just because.

    Not-so-valuable allies:
    Beachcomber - This is war, dammit! Get away from me, you dirty hippy!
    Hotrod - If he's 'helping' you then you need to be far far away from him.
    Bumblebee - you're a scout, Bumblebee. A scout. Stop going and getting yourself captured and just bring me back the scout info stuff I sent you out for. Yellow dumbass.

    Worthy Adversaries:
    Soundwave - he makes great plans (in the Marvel comics at least) and he has that personal army of his his ready to pop out of his chest just as you think you've got him defeated.
    Shockwave - just like the Terminator he'll never stop if he thinks it's logical you die. He's rubbish at darts though.

    Not-so-worthy Adversaries:
    Reflector - you really have to ask?
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    Oct 27, 2008
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    g1 universe (post movie)

    Valuable Allies
    Cyclonus - since Galvatron's gone crazy it's probably better to have his second in command on your side
    Any gesalt team - never hurts to have a combiner watch your back

    Not so valuable allies
    Octane - Not the most popular of Decepticons

    Worthy Adversaries
    Ultra Magnus - soldier through and through
    Rodimus Prime - Optimus Prime isn't an easy act to follow
    Kup - Gotta respect the veterans

    Not so worthy adversaries
    Wheelie - enough said
  6. jorod74

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    Feb 8, 2007
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    G1 only, groups of 5

    Valuable allies:
    Omega Supreme
    Optimus Prime
    Ultra Magnus

    Not so Valuable (but good in a pinch):


    Not so much an Adversary (more like goon of the week)
  7. Caine

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    Mar 16, 2008
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    Beast Wars / Predacons

    Valuable Allies
    #01 Rampage - Enough said. MUHAHAHAHAH!!
    #02 Tarantulas - Actually wanna categorize him as Not So Valuable, but his scientific knowledge & cunning traits, must NOT go to a waste, Nooooooo. With proper management, like that of "Rampage", he'll be one unquestioningly (but reluctantly) loyal subordinate. Yeeesss..

    #01 Waspinator
    #02 Terrorsaur
    #03 Scorponok

    Worthy Adversaries
    #01 Optimus Primal - Well, he's just prime!
    #02 Dinobot - Traitorous scoundrel.
    #03 Rattrap - Do not underestimate him.

    Not-So-Worthy Adversaries
    #01 Silverbolt
    #02 Airazor
    #03 Tigatron
  8. Alienbot

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    May 19, 2007
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    Movieverse Decepticons

    Worthy allies:
    #Starscream, led our people out of the nomadism caused by Megatron's hunger for the AllSpark.
    #Barricade, worthy soldier and intelligence officer, knows his place.
    #Demolishor, loyal and protective of his fellow soldiers.
    #Frenzy, stealthier than everyone else.

    #Megatron, that rampaging fool expects his soldiers to remain loyal despite going missing in action twice, with the first stretch lasting thousands of years?
    #Soundwave, also missing in action, his return would shake the status quo of the cold war with the Autobots.
    #Blackout, ridiculously loyal to Megatron.
    #Wreckage, only out to serve himself.
    #Dreadwing, it's dangerous to give the drones a leader.

    Worthy enemies:
    #Humans. Might be a worthy second class to the Decepticons, too much effort to kill them all.
    #Ironhide and Ratchet are experienced soldiers, the former is direct and resourceful *cough*guns*cough*, the latter has medical experience, better than using drones.
    #Jetfire, he was one of us once...

    Exterminate them:
    #Optimus Prime, did as much as Megatron to contribute to Cybertron's decline by actually defying him.
    #Bumblebee and Jazz, small weak soldiers.
    *Skids, Mudflap, Wheelie, oh come on, must Optimus send small boys to do his dirty work?

    That was fun, kinda like acting.
  9. Mobb One

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    Manhattan, NY
    G1 Autobots:

    Valuable Allies:
    1. Optimus Prime, no explanation needed
    2. Omega Supreme: unyielding, strong resolve. No self-doubt that metroplex has, won't shun war like Fortress Maximus.
    3. Metroplex: tech specs say he's the last line of defense
    4. Grimlock: without him the dinobots are a rogue group of dangerous imbeciles. With him, they are extremely dangerous and potent, and with direction. Perennial candidate for autobot supreme commander
    5. God Ginrai: unyielding resolve like OS...but has the passion that OS lacks. has the "disease" of self-sacrifice, like many autobot leaders
    6. Ultra Magnus: a wise, veteran commander. Prime's first choice for succession of autobot leadership...that should be all the reference that needs explanation.

    Worthy advesaries:
    1. Galvatron: Unpredictable, fearless, and demented...Galvatron has incredible power and limitless will
    2. Liokaiser: The most dangerous, powerful, and effective combiner ever constructed...more than a match for anyone in the first list, with the exception of metroplex.
    3. Cyclonus: one of the most ardent believers in the decepticon cause...and one of the very, very few decepticons to place the "Cause" before himself.
    4. Soundwave/Lazerbeak: Unbeatable combination. How many missions, if any, have these two failed?
    5. Scorponok: Cunning and powerful...any decepticon that is matched only by 1 other member on the opposite army is a worthy adversary
    6. Overlord: The greatest field commander in Decepticon history...and a strong sense of honor. Commands respect from both sides.

    Regretable allies:
    Hot Rod: immature. unwise. accomplice to murder.
    Daniel: Useless
    EDF: did they really ever?
    Hoist: poor man's autobot constructicon I
    Grapple: poor man's autobot constructicon II
    Cheetor: uselessness is not bound by time/space

    Forgetable enemies:
    Dirge: Never was anything except for a confidence booster
    Ramjet: Same reason
    Runabout/Runamuck: They slept on the job, and Trypticon was raped of his sight.
  10. Dinobot Nuva

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    Apr 2, 2006
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    Movie 'cons-

    Thundercracker- Loyal to the cause, willing to follow you into the inferno and back.
    Megatron- Just an outright powerhouse, as long as you don't cross his bad side you'll be alright.
    Frenzy- Compared to most other 'cons, his very small frame makes for great intelligence gathering and getting into places where the rest of the team can't.

    Bonecrusher- His hate for everything might be the turning point in battle, but if he's too consumed by it he's a lot easier to take out...or get trampled by.
    Starscream- Too power hungry, and willing to sacrifice other allies to get a plan done.
    Dreadwing- Backstabbing, and in command of the drones.

    Movie bots-

    Prime- Just a brute power wise, good sense of judgment too.
    Bumblebee- Loyal and first to step up to the plate.
    Arcee- Determined as hell.

    Backtrack- Seriously, has he done ANYTHING?
    Wingblade- Strict black or white view on everything out weighs his usefulness as a warrior
    Signal Flare- Too quick to run away.
  11. DaraRex2.0

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    Armada (It needs some love)

    Don't kill

    Demolishor- Crazy loyal to Megatron, but he has gun fingers. You can't argue with that logic
    Cyclonus- He's effective if you stay out of his way, otherwise you're just stupid
    Wheeljack - Well...he has issues against Hot Shot, I think he deserves a drink :) 

    Kill later

    Thrust - He's annoying. And stupid. And evil. Mostly stupid. And that damn cone head!
    Starscream - He'd be a better warrior if he wasn't whimerping all the damn time!
    Sideways - The jerk took my cd and won't return my calls

    Should kill but probably can't...

    Optimus Prime - Just can't
    Jetfire - I don't have patience enough
    Scavenger - Kicks my aft every time
    Blurr - Excellent marksman, or bot, and better fighter.

    Waiting list

    Hot Shot - I'm working on Blurr right now
    Sideswipe - Wait your turn
  12. Torque

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    Dec 17, 2007
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    Animated Bot

    Valuable Allies
    Ultra Magnus-no explanation needed. like really.
    Blurr-super speedy ally would definately come in handy
    Wheeljack-he seems to be a swell guy, always nice to have a friend

    Not-So-Valuable Allies
    BB-irritating, but not all that useful-especially if i got Blurr on my side.
    Sentinel-a pain, id never get to do anything fun. though if he lent me his shield, id be ok with him

    Worthy Adversaries
    Lugnut-if he POKES me...
    Blackout-he destroys Omega Sentinels. seems worthy to me!
    Megatron-... no duh

    Not-So-Worthy Adversaries
    Blackarachnia-she seems fairly wimpy, and her organics are more of hinderance than an advantage
  13. Coolhand

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    Feb 7, 2008
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    I think my choice was "whichever side had the most Fem-bots, hey a dude's gotta play the odds" which I think in the G1 verse was the Autobots, so here's my list.

    My list G1 Autobot list:
    Valuable Allies
    Optimus Prime - Just a powerhouse of courage, inspiration and guts. I mean, he's Prime. Need I say more?

    Jazz - In the toy specs, Jazz is basically described being in charge of Autobot black-ops , which makes an already cool and stylish character even cooler and more stylish.

    Sideswipe-A very skilled warrior who lives for the fight. Like Sunstreaker, without the scary pen-to-neck stabbing.

    Ultra Magnus: Dependable soldier, skilled commander. He gets kinda screwed over in the fandom due to the whole "can't deal with it" issue, but if you look at the tech specs, he's a guy who's REALLY good at his job, without getting egotistical about it.

    Wheelie- Seriously. He'd save my life. C'mon, if you were a Con on the battlefield, and your choices were shoot Wheelie or shoot the other Autobot, who would you pick?

    Not-So-Valuable Allies
    Sunstreaker- He'd be great to have as long as he's shooting at the Cons. Trouble is, you never know if a casual comment you make will end up in him shooting at you. "Am I funny? Am I funny? Do I AMUSE YOU? WHERE'S MY PEN? OH, IT'S IN YOUR NECK!"

    Bumblebee. Lots of youthful pluck. Lots of yellow. No freakin' gun. Dead within ten seconds on a real battlefield.

    Red Alert: He'd probably confiscate everyone's ammo on the grounds that the bullets were "looking at him funny."

    Worthy Adversaries
    Ravage- read his original tech-specs. This guy is the Scorpius of G1 Decepticons. Doesn't matter how far ahead you plan, he's planned one step further than you. Always. Plus he's basically a ninja.

    Onslaught- military genius, the Transformer Sun Tzu. If Megatron let this guy do all the planning, the "Decepticons Retreat" drinking game would become much less fun.

    Starscream- as written in his G1 toy bio. Skilled, smart, cruel, snarky. If he'd have been like this in the cartoon, he'd have been pure, awesome, evil win.

    Megatron - In a faction full of violent, malevolent, bloodthirsty schemers, imagine how bad-ass you have to be to keep them in line and do your bidding...

    Not-So-Worthy Adversaries

    Menasor- Very powerful but so racked with conflicting and self destructive hate that he's probably much easier to take down than many people think.

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