Customs: omnicon generation 1 orignal seekers?

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    would the head piece from a pvc heroes of cybertron starscream/thundercracker/skywarp/sunstorm be small enough to replace the face on energon omnicon skyblasts head?

    this is th hoc pvc starscream i am talking about

    Image:HoC 3H Seeker Set.jpg - Transformers Wiki

    the basic idea being that skyblast woudl have his face completely sanded off the front of his head with the jetnose cone piece instead folding down through the frotn of his head with the pvc hoc starscream headmold being sanded down to be just the frotn face and front helmit of the starscream head and being mounted into place on the back of the skyblast head

    the reason i ask this question is because i want to do a very minor head mod to my energon skyblast to make him a omnicon starscream figure instead


    if one were to mod skyblast into starscream thundercracker skywarp and sunstorm

    and were to make the appropriate modiefiacations to each omnicon seeker to combine with a fansproject enhanced bruticus maximus

    and were to also build a fansproject enhanced bruticus,battle gaia, car robots valdigus, and urban caomo ruination

    which seeker would work best paired up as the chest plate armor for which bruticus repaint?

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