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    Got a couple of transformer stuff here, but mostly power rangers zords and parts
    Dark storm card is from my username on Rangerboard, so you can ignore that
    I am looking to trade for a Delta Megazord, complete or incomplete. Let me know if you have anything to offer. Will trade anything on this page
    SHIPPING (will only ship in U.S) depending on what the item is, or quantity, will most likely be shipped in a medium flat rate box. And yes, buyer pays shipping (not inlcuded in costs listed below).

    Please read item descriptions. Offers will be considered, so please don't hesitate.

    Transformers Armada - Optimus ad Hotshot
    Figures are in good shape, and do not have any other parts or weapons. Electronics still work on Optimus
    Let me know if you'd like more photos. Will likely be selling them together unles someone want them individually
    On ebay

    Quantasaurus Rex Megazord
    $60 shipped
    Megazord works, but I don't know how to get the morpher to respond. There was a green light on when I got it (from ebay), but after turning it off once and back on, the light wouldn't ome back on, so maybe someone else will have better luck with it.
    Also, as you can see in the last photo, the arm peg for the left arm managed to break off after I took the photos.
    Has 1 extra missle and both manuals.

    Rescue Megazord
    $40 Minus the blasters, this megazord is COMPLETE. Yes, it even has the black stands that connect to the feet. To compensate for the blasters, I have inlcuded the artillatron cannons.

    Robo Racer
    $15 No weapons/accessories. Lights and sounds work great.

    Other random zords and parts (make offers)
    Ultra Magnus Main body. Does not have any of the smaller parts or tires
    Mega V3 cylinder SOLD
    Knockoff Parasaurzord. Not compatible with American/Japanese version

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