Ok, what's wrong with this? No 2disc special edition for Predators?

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by Moy, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Ok, so on my trip to BestBuy I was planning to buy Both Predators and Avatar DvD's.

    I found the Avatar 3Disc collectors edition (which I'm truly happy with considering I had a $5 gift card) but I couldn't find a collectors or special edition to Predators?!

    Is it just me or did Predators the movie only release the movie for sale, no special fetures or nothing, just the movie? And this was true for BluRay and DvD. :cry 

    I enjoyed Predators so much I wanted a 2disc deal, specially since I never got to see the scenese from the trailer in the theater.

    Two specific scenes that didn't make it to the final cut I guess was when Brody stops and is then light up by several lazers on his chest; (the 3 dotted lazers predators point you with)

    the second scene is when a Tracker predator releases his hound during the night.
    Anyone know why? Will we get a 2Disc special edition soon? :tongue: 


    I just made a quick search YouTube's reviews and Walmart has a 3Disc special BluRay edition!! :eek: 
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    I'm pretty sure that was a regular scene modified for the trailer. I seem to remember seeing that part in the movie, but there was only one lazer target.

    That might be why you don't remember seeing it.

    I think the same thing happened with this one. I think that scene is in the movie, but while it was day time in the film, it was modified to look like night time for the trailer... I could be wrong though.

    Anyone more sure want to clarify this?
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    Both of these are right they were modifired from the trailer, except the night one is night they just removed the hound from the background

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