Offshoot, Generations, G1 reissues MOVING SALE!!

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    Alright guys, the lady wants half of her second closet back so this stuff has to go. I'm taking offers (PayPal, USPSMO) or I have a very small trade list. Anything that's being sold MIB can be opened so it will ship for less. Your item will ship USPS as soon as funds have cleared. I can provide photos via email of anything on this list. Here is what I have:

    Offshoot (limited-edition from the TRU exclusive) loose and complete

    RTS Solar Storm Grapple MIB

    Classics Smokescreen loose and complete

    Generations Wheeljack loose and complete
    Generations Turbo Tracks loose and complete
    Generations Red Alert loose and complete

    RTS Generations Perceptor MIB
    RTS Generations Bumblebee loose and complete

    G1 TRU Exclusive reissue Ultra Magnus MIB
    G1 TRU Exclusive reissue Silverstreak MIB
    G1 TRU Exclusive reissue Jazz loose and in box
    G1 TRU Exclusive reissue Perceptor

    HFTD Human Alliance Jazz MIB
    HFTD Human Alliance Jazz loose and complete
    HFTD Human Alliance Bumblebee MIB

    Energon Rodimus loose - missing instructions

    RTS Legends Megatron x2
    RTS Legends Optimus Prime x2
    RTS Legends Starscream

    HFTD Leader Starscream MIB
    HFTD Leader Bumblebee MIB

    ROTF Swerve deluxe loose and complete
    ROTF Sideswipe deluxe loose and complete

    Rodimus FansProject Protector armor
    Takara Movie Masterpiece Starscream
    Walmart Masterpiece Starscream
    HFTD Voyager Prime

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