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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by DeathStorm, Oct 28, 2008.

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    Please, do not PM me with requests for individual toys. The only PMs I want are legitimate offers for my entire collection of original G1, reissue G1, and Classics. The purpose of this sale is to help get some bills paid off before my school loans come due next year. If you want to include shipping costs in your offer, then state that. Otherwise, if I accept your offer, shipping will be added to it. Of course pickup is always an option, if you wish.

    Also, I do not need messages telling me that I'd have more luck selling everything individually - I realize this. However, I work two jobs and am going to school for my masters degree. I do not have the time to sell individually.

    Payment is accepted by Paypal, check, or money order (allow 10 business days for the latter two methods - so they can clear). Payment is expected in a timely fashion but if you need a bit of an extension just let me know up front and I can wait (make it something within reason, I won't wait until

    Closer pictures of everything and descriptions can be found here.

    EDIT: I've had some offers and, I'm sorry, but the $1000 range isn't going to cut it; the original G1s alone would sell for more than that. Please, keep the offers realistic. Thanks.

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