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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by oddobot, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Jun 28, 2006
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    Uh-oh look who's back....I got some items I just want rid of, if you see something you want, PM me with an offer, no price is set in stone, these are just items that I want gone. I no longer care about collection size or any of that, I just want what I want, and sadly, I don't want these anymore!!

    Here we go:

    Cybertron Metroplex, loose complete, have instructions somewhere: $35
    Cybertron Vector Prime, loose complete with box and everything:$25

    I still have the Powermaster Prime w/Apex armor, missing a couple of guns. This is my pals, but I have it right beside me, he's still looking for the missing guns, but that aside this thing is immaculate:$60

    Several boxes from movie figures and reissues, several instructions, planet maps etc etc. If there is anything you are looking for LMK I just might have it.

    Please help me out here, I need $$$ for bills and such, so if you can help me out let me know.


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