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    I have a few things I am looking to pass on to other boards members if they are interested. Make an offer on them or see if there is something on my wants that I need.
    walmart MP starscream...MIB..nosecone is broken at the plastic where it bends..would still be agood display if someone wanted to superglue that piece..has all paperwork and accessories and box is super nice.

    TFTM Brawl..leader class..has paperwork but small tab on leg is broken..doesnt effect transformation at all..I just know its there and it bothers me..lol...this is the first release cameo green one.

    energon superion maximus...loose and complete and has all 5 instructions

    ROTF superion..MIB..just aint digging the colors on this one

    FP superion add-on set..MIB. dont even like this set

    ROTF bruticus...MIB...all paperwork and accessories included

    HA Bumblebee..loose and complete...hate this figure..dont even want it on the shelves..lol

    RID Omega Prime..loose and complete..slight paint chipping on the chest and grill but hardly noticable. no tire spliting going on. Nice peice and just got it a few weeks ago..rather go for a MISB set of prime and magnus

    Classics ultra magnus
    city commander armor with missles unapplied stickers would be nice
    classics..(send me a list of what ya got)
    encore soundwave..mib is fine as long as there is unapplied stickers
    encore optimus prime..mib is fine aslong as there is unapplied stickers
    any other offers just let me know...I might need it...
    thanks for looking over the list just want them gone...:) 

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