Obliticons Among Us.

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    Obliticons among us.
    Introduction. This story is to be taken as if my saint/sinner story has not taken place. If you are unsure who a character is just checkout my customs they are mostly figures I made. You can look any of them up as none will be in this story unless I have already shown the kitbash. Enjoy. And remember this is all in fun and if I kill of a beloved character of your. Too bad. And now on with chapter one

    Chapter one.
    Sinner enjoyed feeling the body parts crushing under the weight of his scrapper mode as he made his way through what was once Iacon City. Nothing was much left of the once beautiful hub of Cybertron. He would grab parts he found useful and continue on his way hoping to find a survivor to pick off.
    Shockwave and Sinner had convinced their latest creation , Fail-Safe, that everyone in the city had in someway wrong him and his brethren. Fail-Safe had rolled into the city and unleashed a torrent of weapons that left most of the city and its inhabitants causing their own demise. He began blasting the towers with a ammuniton that seemed to make the towere disintegrate rather than blow up. And all those in the building met the same fate. As he continued to fire he was met by a small group of Autobots. They blasted at Fail-Safe but he fired a green object at them and as it detonated the solders became confused and killed each other in stead. He went through the shops and fired a blue missile causing every around to lose sight and panic. Most falling to their death, any other resistance was met with his Red Mite Missile, and the soldiers near its explosion point found themselves literally falling apart as they approached him. From the sky came The final opposition. It was the heroic Jetfire. Jetfire told Fail-Safe to lower is arms and he would receive a fair trial. Fail-Safe unveiled his purple colored weapon and fired once at Jetfire. All that could be heard for miles were screams and explosion. Neither Shockwave nor Sinner had seen Fail-Safe since the attack and both assumed he was destroyed as well, neither cared.
    Sinner had gathered a full load of parts from what was left of the city and headed back to Shockwaves lab. Their was much to do. The next few months were long but productive, many new creations awoke in the lab. The only problem was sparks. Each was granted a synthesized spark but Shockwave could not control its mentality. Many of their creations chose to serve good over evil and were quickly destroyed. There were however a few who escaped. The ones who got away would quickly join the ranks of the Autobots, and would usually be assigned to go up against their former alleys. The Obliticons were truly an unorganized mess of bots and cons that just wanted a place to fit. And that place was usually at odds with each other.

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