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    Hello, I was an avid collector since 2002 but due to health issues and related costs, i've slowly sold off the majority of my collection during the past few years. I am now getting around to selling items that are typically difficult to sell on ebay due to their rules and restrictions.

    The prices I have listed are my best guess at the moment. Please don't hesitate to contact me with other offers.
    Paypal would be the preferred method of payment.
    Items would be shipped via USPS Priority mail. Sorry, only buyers from the USA only please.

    I also have a few items currently listed on ebay which can be viewed below. If you have any different offers for these items, please don't hesitate to ask.
    Items currently listed on ebay

    e-hobby G1 e-hobby Black Megatron $199 shipped via USPS Priority Mail
    This is from the first run which was released in 2001 and not the 2009 version. This can be seen by the box. The 2009 version didn't have a flap.
    There are also apparently some minor variations between the 2001 and 2009 versions but unfortunately i have no details regarding this.
    Please see pictures below for good view of the condition of the figure.
    It has been opened, but has been in storage for the past decade.
    One bullet was removed the plastic tree.
    This does not come with the orange safety plug.

    From tfwiki.net

    G1 Optimus Prime KO Clear Version $65 shipped via USPS Priority Mail
    Same deal, its been opened, but has been in storage for the past few years.
    Please see pictures below to see the actual item in question in more detail

    G1 Mirage Zhong Jin KOs Set of 4 (Blue, red, black and clear) $160 shipped via USPS Priority Mail
    As stated, these are not the real deal for excellent KOs.
    All have been opened but have been in storage for the past few years.
    Comes with 11 out of 12 missiles, 4 out of 4 launchers, 3 out of 4 guns, 4 instruction sheets and 4 sticker sheets
    Please click on the thumbnails below to see the actual figures in question.




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