Not Ebay, but Amazon - Need Device Label TFs? Check out "USBGAGGIFTS" on Amazon

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    If this is in the wrong spot, please feel free to move it. My apologies in advance.

    I'm fronting this guy for a reason - I ordered a USB Ravage from him on Nov. 30th. USPS tracked the package at one point - its dropoff, in Ft. Lauderdale - and had no data on it for the next 2 weeks. I contacted the guy and politely asked if he'd give me a replacement. He did! He mailed it out on Friday and it arrived on Monday. Guy was courteous and polite the entire time.

    So I feel it's only right to front him to fellow TF fans. He's out 2 USB Ravages and was kind enough to replace the one lost in the mail. I told him if I ever saw the other one, I'd mail it back, which I still completely intend to do. Sucks to lose shit in the mail, but this dude bounced back and helped me out. Buy shit from him, I command thee.

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