North Star (Marvel Comics)

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    A seemingly random thread, but its relevance here will be revealed after I ramble a bit. I have a bunch of collected sets of comics that I've been building for a while now. When I compete a set/run, I put it in a box and get around to reading it eventually. One of the sets I finished a while back was a North Star mini (4 issues) from around 1994. North Star has always been one of those "just there" Marvel characters to me, so I figured it might interesting to learn some more about him.

    I read the thing this morning and, boy, was it bad! I almost dropped it after the first issue, but I hate to start things and not finish them, so I pushed on. The series was chock-full of bad characters (including a slew of bad villains I've never heard of before this or since...what a shame...), bad story, in general (very erratic), and quite boring overall.

    So, now to the point of all this: I put issue #4 back in the bag and then think "I wonder who wrote this crap?" I know John Byrne created the character because it says so repeatedly, but who ran with the ball on this one? I get the comic back out, flip to the first page and was surprised to see: "Simon Furman - writer". ?!?! I checked the first issue and, perhaps obviously, he wrote that one too, so I presume he wrote all 4., I know some here are Furman lovers and some are haters. Me? I fall in-between, it just depends on the particular story and this one was one of THE worst things I think he's written of all the things I've read by him (mostly TF stuff, admittedly).

    Anybody else have a favorite story/series by him or a least favorite?

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