NordCon 2010 - more free gifts and a whole lot of competition prizes

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    One final(?) reminder that NordCon 2010 is taking place in Aalborg, Denmark this weekend, on June 19-20.

    We have already revealed quite a few goodies that will be given out for free to all attendees, including sticker sheets from ReproLabels and a set of postcards made for Auto-Assembly (limited to the 50 first attendees).
    Today we have revealed two more gifts, both from Activision Nordic: double-sided War For Cybertron posters, plus a DVD with "Behind the Scenes" materials for the WFC game. Regretably the DVD won't reach us in time for the convention as it hasn't even been delivered to Activision's warehouse yet, but Activision has promised to send out the DVD to all attendees when it is available.

    We have also tallied the prizes that will be given out to our competition winners during the weekend: More than 100 items will be given out to the top three winners in six different competitions! That's an insane amount of prizes, and we hope that as many people as possible turn up to give the eventual winners a really good run for these rewards! :wink: 

    There's still time (two days) to pre-register for the convention, but you can also turn up at the door without having registered first. We have recently amended the ticket plans, so that weekend passes are now available at the door as well, plus that there is a new family ticket that allows larger families to attend at the same price as two adults.

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