(Non-TF) Entire GI Joe 25th collection FS Less than $2.00 a figure!

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    This is for sale, only as a lot, sorry. If no one on here is interested, it's going up on Ebay:
    Hi all, Sorry to say, but due to financial hardships and lack of space, I am getting rid of my ENTIRE GI Joe 25th collection. I can take pictures later, but trust me, all of my stuff is in excellent shape and almost ALL ARE COMPLETE. Some have been minorly customized, which have been noted. Include, you get:
    1. Cobra Commander (face Plate),
    2. Cobra Commander (hooded),
    3. Destro (silver), Baroness (2nd 5 pack ),
    4. Resolute Duke (x2), Lady Jaye (5-pack version),
    5. Scarlett,
    6. Steeler,
    7. Doc (mail away),
    8. Zartan (swamp skier version),
    9. Zartan (5 pack version),
    10. Ripcord (aka SPC Altitude),
    11. Beach Head (comic pack),
    12. Mainframe (Data Frame),
    13. Short-Fuze,
    14. Zap,
    15. Snake Eyes (1982-style one),
    16. Snake Eyes (1985-style one),
    17. Ripper,
    18. Torch,
    19. Buzzer,
    20. Storm Shadow (hall of heroes one),
    21. Range Viper,
    22. Night Creeper,
    23. Dr. Mindbender,
    24. Major Bludd (DVD version),
    25. Dusty,
    26. Alpine,
    27. Quick-Kick,
    28. Bazooka,
    29. Stalker (dvd version),
    30. Cobra Officers/Troopers (There are more than 10 of these),
    31. Hiss Driver (x2),
    32. Night Adder (carded),
    33. Hawk (1982-style with Duke Head),
    34. Hawk (5-pack version, 1986-style one),
    35. Crimson Guards (there are 8, some are with the Fred head),
    36. Airborne,
    37. Recondo,
    38. Chuckles,
    39. Wet Suit,
    40. Torpedo,
    41. Snow Job,
    42. Clutch,
    43. Rock N Roll,
    44. Flint (5 pack version),
    45. Shipwreck (5 pack version),
    46. Stato-Viper
    47. Croc Master
    48. Tomax
    49. Xamot
    50. Mutt and Junkyard
    51. Deep Six
    52. Copperhead (original colors)
    53. Wild Bill (comic pack version with cartoon-style deco)
    54. Blowtorch
    55. Scrap-Iron
    56. BATs (3)
    57. Copperhead (movie Python-patrol style one)
    58. Roadblock (1986-style one)
    59. Roadblock (movie Resolute-repaint one)
    60. Spirit
    61. Wild Weasel
    62. Stalker (original)
    63. Breaker (custom, has Bench Press head with short sleeves, custom helmet with gear)
    64. Grand Slam
    65. Grunt
    66. Flash
    67. Viper (x4)
    68.) Helix
    69.) Roadblock (dvd version)
    70.) Barbecue
    71.) Storm Shadow (movie Paris Pursuit)
    You also get the complete MASS device and the weather Dominator, RAM Motorcycle, 1 flight pod and one CLAW. That’s 87 figures, 3 vehicles, and a ton of accessories for $150.00. That’s less than $2.00 per figure. Take these off my hands, please. Shipping will be $15.00, since this is pretty heavy, but I am going to try and fit them all in a flat rate priority box. If there is any difference, I will of course refund it. I have some vehicles too that I can add in if interested, so let me know what you are looking for. Please help me out, thanks. Pics are below. Accessories ARE NOT PICTURED, but the only thing I am aware of that is missing is Doc's helmet

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    Sep 25, 2006
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    Bump, added new figures
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    Great deal...wish I had the extra $$$ to pick it up

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