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    Prologue: The Chronicles of the Digital World


    CHRONICLE CODE: Digital Doomsday

    War Journal Digiyear 2034
    From the personal records of Commandramon “Zeke”

    Day 34.90

    Okay, so the suits in head office believe that they have a solution to their new problem. Since the relatively new Guilmon Digimon Species seems to be a fear of the mysterious entity known as Paradoximon, we’ve tried our hand at perfecting the design created by Tamer Takato Matsuda. Or Matsuki. I can’t really tell, I’ve only heard the name a few times. Honestly, it’s just a weird name, but anyway. Apparently, they’re trying to create a Guilmon that, while more compact, has more aggressive personality traits and is highly agile. It’s honestly a long shot, but I think it just might do the trick.

    Day 35.65
    Okay, so they’ve actually done it. They’ve created a new Digimon with all the raw power of Guilmon, and a lot more aggressive. They’ve taken to call it “Project: STRIKER.” They’re going to try to see if it’ll work against Paradoximon. Let’s hope they get it right…

    Day 37.89
    Well, they tried it along with the other combat prototypes “Project: KITSUNE” and “Project: RUSSLE TERRIER” (Who makes up these names?!) and they… didn’t work. Paradoximon just sent them to the Real World, made Paradox Clones of their bases, and turned the ParadoxiGuilmon into a ParadoxiMegidramon.

    I’m writing this early because said ParadoxiMegidramon is going to blow the base to hell. Well, it’s been fun.

    Commandramon “Zeke”
    Digidate 345.09 to 654.98

    To be Continued...

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