Non-Tf Custom 3.75" Cable

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    Custom 3.75" Marvel Universe Cable - eBay (item 260438152211 end time Jul-04-09 08:21:08 PDT)


    OK, so, the body is that of Punisher. The metal arm is from Maverick, as is most of the gear you see on Cable's body. I got a couple of comments on the first version, so I beefed him up a little using Maverick's shoulder armor. All joints were sanded and he was painted using my favorite paint, Testor's Model Master. All yellow parts were painted brown, then dry brushed using 2 shades of yellow. All guns are included. The end result is a figure as tough as any you'd buy at the store. Even though he's small, I put all of the detail in him I could...notice the tedious red pinstriping on the gloves and boots as well as the tiny X-badges and silver buckles. I always liked Cable so I put alot into him!

    Thanks for your time!

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