No TF movie toys in Brazil

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    At least not from Estrela. This came from their SAC (customer help department).

    "Infelizmente a Linha Transformers não mais fará parte da Coleção-2007 da
    Brinquedos Estrela.

    A despeito de termos apresentado a linha durante a ABRIN, tomamos a
    decisão de não mais comercializá-la, uma vez que não conseguimos, junto a
    Hasbro, chegar a uma negociação comercial que deixasse as partes plenamente

    which means:

    "Unfortunately the Transformers line will no longer be part of the 2007 collection from Estrela Toys.

    Although we had presented the line during the ABRIN show, we've made the decision of no longer take it into market, as we were unable to come to a commecial deal with Hasbro that could make both companies fully satisfied."

    The ABRIN is the Brazilian Toyfare - once a year, to show new releases for retail people. Estrela has displayed some of the movie and classics toys during the show. The Brazilian Transfan community is still hoping that some other local toy company grabs the deal before it's too late. Estrela has been Hasbro's partner in Brazil for the last 50 years. They have failed to bring many of the company toy lines lately though, not only TFs, since they can't guarantee that the related cartoon will air at the same time (which seems to be a demand from Hasbro). Since Estrela has been responsible for the redistribution of some of these toys in South America in the past, I wonder if anyone else has information if other countries here will receive the toys (it could be a chance for us to do the other way around and import them from our neighboors).

    Also, I'd really, really like to bring this to the Hasbro panel at Botcon - what is exactly the situation between Hasbro and Estrela and how is it different in other South America countries; could any other local toy company take the TF license from Estrela; and what is Hasbro's plan to enter the country independently, if possible.

    We have actual floods of various movie toys every 6 months or so: X-Men, Batman, Superman, SpiderMan, POTC, all brought by Gulliver, the Estrela rival toy company here. They are also bringing the Titanium and Attacktix line, with TFs, Marvel and Starwars. We can only hope they pick the ball and resume playing, but in this particular case, I don't know if Hasbro would shift the TF license.

    Right now I'm feeling very :banghead: .

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