No Matter What Your Hosting Service Says, Do Your Own Backups FREQUENTLY

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RKillian, Jun 7, 2008.

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    So, let me tell you a story.

    I run a really old site about, among other things, Challenge of the GoBots. Thanks to an error on a wiki project, I start doing some updates back in early May. Then that datacenter explosion takes down 2005 and I fear the worst because I'm down too. Staff reports that it was just an unrelated drive failure on the RAID and backups were restored fine several hours later. Nobody's actually notified, so I don't know the nature of the outage until I login yesterday to do some more updates and discover that all of my work is gone.

    The hosting service boasts daily backups, so I file a ticket around 10PM last night hoping that maybe they can restore this one file in particular from any time in any backup (I don't know when exactly it vanished). Let me preface the response below by saying that I do monthly backups on my own. The server was broken into once, I was lucky not to lose anything, but it got me doing the backups I knew I should've been doing all along. After rock solid stability on AOL and Geocities, paid hosting could only be better right?

    "We keep daily backups only. Your current backups are from last night. If you are experiencing a problem with the account please specify exactly what is happening, and we will look into it."

    In other words, WORSE THAN USELESS. If something had wiped the server out late that night, too bad, they've already backed up the wrecked drive before you notice in the morning. You have to catch anything and everything the day it happens or you're screwed.

    Just a note of caution if you're thinking about using for a site. Or anybody else stupid enough to overwrite their backups that fast.
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    You sound constipated
  3. toma

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    that sucks. i backup my stuff fairly often. my host does daily backups and they claim to keep backups for a week. in reality they just delete any backups over a week old once a week, so most of the time there are a few days more than a week still up there. i still don't mess around though.
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    I keep a local copy of my site, with regular database back-ups after the old host F-ed up BIG time - the server went down in December 2005 with a HDD failure, and it turned out their most 'recent' backups were from September of that year...

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