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    I'm in the process of downsizing my collection. I've collected so many items over the years but now that I have two kids. My office will no longer be my office and will be going to my son in a couple of years.

    I'm selling a few items a month on Ebay so you can click onto my link every so often to check what I've got up.

    I'm selling the majority of my DC Direct Action Figure Collection.
    I'm selling a few of my Marvel Legends items.
    I'm selling some of my DCSH and DC Universe Classics figures and build a figure parts as well.
    I'm selling my GOBOT collection.
    I'm selling some of my minimates.
    My Kenner Total Justice/JLA collection.
    Some of my GIJOE vehicles. Some vintage.

    Now since I've been focusing my attention to the Transformers Classics and Universe Classics. I'm selling a few of my TF items.
    Beast Wars Transmetal Optimus Primal
    Beast Wars Transmetal Cheetor
    Titanium Series War Within Jetfire

    Just post or shoot me a PM if anyone has any questions. Thanks everyone.

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