Nick Roche Confirmed For Auto Assembly 2009

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    Europe's largest Transformers convention, Auto Assembly 2009, taking place over the weekend of 15th-16th August at the Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre in Birmingham, England is once again expanding it's ever increasing line-up of guests...

    We are pleased to announce that IDW and Titan Books comic artist Nick Roche will be joining us for his first ever Auto Assembly appearance as our TWELFTH guest!

    Nick will be actively involved with Auto Assembly 2009 throughout the weekend and as well as being a part of one of our two comic panels, he will be joining our other comic guests in the guest area meeting fans throughout the weekend signing autographs. Here, you'll be able to meet Nick to talk to him about his work, and he will also be doing sketches for fans!

    If that wasn't enough, he will be donating some original artwork for our charity auction and Nick will also be one of the artists involved in our art workshops taking place during the convention so if you have ever wanted to draw Transformers like the professionals, here's your chance to find out how!!

    Nick isn't the only one of our comic guests to be actively involved in the convention in this way. As well as taking part in the comic panels, many of our other comic guests will be doing more during the weekend...


    Simon will be providing the artwork for one of the convention exclusive postcards that will be given away free to all attendees and once again, Simon will be on hand all weekend doing sketches for fans. But that's not all... Simon will also be bringing artwork for sale, prints and more besides.


    Andrew will be doing the artwork for our other exclusive postcard, doing sketches for fans and bringing some original artwork for sale.


    Liam will be playing host to one of our comic art colouring workshops taking place during the weekend, and he will also be bringing prints with him for sale.


    Jason and Kat will be bringing a selection of brand new prints and badges for sale and Kat will be doing sketches for fans of Transformers Animated characters. We are also hoping that they will be involved in the convention in some other way too...

    Please note that there may be charges from some of our artists for sketches and some may insist that they are personalised. We will bring you more updates on our other comic guests as we get them.

    Don't forget, you can find full details about the convention and the the new Auto Assembly Shop where you can buy back issues of our convention magazine, pin badges and more on the website at Auto Assembly

    We have some more MASSIVE announcements over the next few days including details of our second voice actor and much more besides so keep your eyes on all the major forums and websites! As always, we hope to see as many of you as possible in August.

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    Auto Assembly

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