next wave of sale- hot items, please look

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    megatron 40usd
    grimlock 30usd

    binaltech misb
    skids bt-16- 63usd

    titanium (loose) 15usd each
    megatron tank
    optimus rid
    tm2 optimus prime, optimal optimus

    bb wall sticker 11usd

    sketch card transformers -80 usd IF you each buy both 75 each

    movie 07
    optimus helmet misb- 20usd
    trans-scanning bb 54usd
    trans-scanning optimus 45usd

    rare items (pm offer or look at my trade list)
    leobreaker misb- damage box pm offer
    animated grimlock misb- damage box pm offer
    movie megatron signed by MICHEAL BAY- pm offer
    alt rumble & jaguar ravage loose (TESTSHOT) = TRADE ONLY

    halo 3
    grunt variant green 30usd

    evac misb-55usd
    loose optimus prime red- 50 usd
    loose leobreaker- no tail- 45usd

    posters: price go to 5-20usd
    inferno with red alert
    dinobot poster( all 5 dinobots)
    almagalm poster by joe madureira
    street fighter long poster- every character is in the poster
    halo 3 logo
    medival spawn
    ultimates 3 heroes and vilain cover poster

    any one interested in loose spawn- pm your list
    i have more the old series then the new series

    more will be added

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