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Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by OmegaScourge, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Anyone got this e-mail?
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    I answered the following

    * How interested would you be in buying an Xbox 360 branded mini-keyboard plug-in device for your controller to make text messaging and chat easier, assuming it would cost between $19-$29?

    no interest at all, the head sets work fine for communication

    * Paying per song (~$0.99/song) to download music to your Xbox 360 hard drive from a music service. You would be able to use this service while playing a game.

    I really like this idea, a dollar a song is fair

    * Paying a subscription per month (~$14.99/mo) to stream any and all music to your Xbox360 from a library of over 2 Million songs. You would be able to use this service while playing a game.

    Not as appealing as downloading the songs once for a fixed price and playing them unlimited times without having to pay again. Streaming is also known for lagging, and cutting in and out. No thanks

    * Paying per video (~$19.99/movie, $1.99/TV show) to download standard definition full movies and TV shows to your Xbox360 hard drive

    I'd rather have a physical copy of a movie like DVD's, and I already have Digital Cable, so no thanks

    * Renting movies (~$3.99/movie) that are downloaded in standard definition to your Xbox 360 until you watch them and then are deleted

    Great idea!! You wouldn't have to worry about late fee's or the DVD's being scratched and not being able to watch them.

    * Paying a subscription per month (~$5.99/mo) to access 10-20 internet radio stations streamed to your Xbox 360. You would be able to use this service while playing a game.

    Not interested

    * How interested would you be in using an integrated Xbox 360 Web browser that would allow you to access and browse the Internet over your Xbox Live connection?

    Anyone with xbox live already HAS the internet on a computer, so not interested, and have you ever tried browsing the internet on a TV. you can hardly read anything

    * How interested would you be in participating in beta tests for upcoming games if they cost an additional incremental fee?

    I know you're talking abot Halo 3, just hurry up and finish it so I can buy it
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    I really dig the two controllers, even if the first one pictured would really hurt the wallet.
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    Tucson, AZ, USA
    :lol  :lol  :lol 

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